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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A local Liberal's logic from their own mouth, totally nuts!

I was reading my local Union Newspaper this morning while drinking my morning cup of Joe and arrived at the opinion page.  I read Jeff Ackerman's editorial on the Occupiers and nodded my head in agreement then moved over to the opinion oiece by a fellow called Jeff Blanco

I read his first sentence where he said "My wife and I just returned from a trip to The Mega-Retail Store in Sacramento where we spent $135 on produce, food items, and some baking supplies."  Then from that point on he excoriated what he called "mega" retailers and chastised them for every ill he could come up with.  I almost spit my coffee all over my laptop!

Now, we here in the free speech, free wheeling world of America get to see utter hypocrisy usually through exposing a person's actions in opposition to their words and it is usually hidden and needs to be dug out.  Here we have a liberal giving all of us the real liberal way of thinking!  We don't have to analyse or extrapolate or guess.  We simply get to read what a liberal really thinks, plain and simple.  We on the right say time after time as we expose the left for the phony baloney elites they are their "do as I say, not as I do" hypocrisy.  The Blanco character is allowing us all to have quite the chuckle.  The rest of his article would make the nuts of the OWS beam with pride and agreement!

I understand it is hard to be perfect in any belief system, even in religion these days, or probably since man starting yapping.  But when a person like this Blanco fellow says he traveled out of town to a mega store and spent $135 bucks and then cries the stores are just terrible you have to wonder where these kinds of people were educated!  Could an series of rational thought classes and ethics classes be in order?  How about the "outrage" this man spews as he buys that tainted Chinese-made  textile or the banana from a banana republic? 

I finally regained my senses after I read Blanco's ridiculous screed by re-reading Ackerman's piece.  Jeff seems to me to be a common sense fellow and he knows if you want a stronger community maybe buying goods and services from our locals would help sustain  us.  Blanco buys his stuff from the "big box" out of town and who knows how many people are now unemployed because of his purchasing choices and locations?  We all need to stick together if at all possible in these tough times and finger pointing by people like Blanco does  not help one iota in keeping our local community economically health.  I suggest you all read  Mr. Ackerman's column, it is right on the money.  Happy December one and all!


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