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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dan Logue, a very good people's representative

After the first of the year we will get to see a headlong rush of people running for every available elective position and at all levels of government.  Luckily for Nevada County voters, we already have a bunch of real effective and conscientious elected officials, Dan Logue is one of them.

I met Dan Logue about 16 years ago when we shared a issue while I was running CABPRO.  He was a realtor and had a property rights group as far as I can remember, down in Yuba County.  Later he ran for County Supervisor and was successful.  Dan has the best interest of all the citizens and is not afraid to speak his mind.  That is what the voters want in our Sierra foothill counties and that is what they get from Dan.  Later, he ran for the Assembly and was elected.  It is a huge district in square miles, and Dan has been a excellent representative for us.  He has been a common sense voice, along with Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen  , in the loony bin called Sacramento.  Thank goodness we have straight shooters when it comes to the truth.

Well Dan is running in the re-districted ONE and has become a Nevada County resident in Penn Valley.  I know he will probably have opponents since that is usually the case in our area, but since Dan reflects the majority here, I am confident he will get re-elected.  The liberals of our area are after him of course.  They denigrate him and his efforts to help stop bad laws passed by the democrats in control of our state, but Dan just keeps on trucking to protect us and the taxpayers.  Same for Doug and Nielsen.

Dan even traveled to Texas along with the democrat Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, to interview businesses that left our state for Texas.  He met with many of those businesses and had a visit with Rick Perry, now a candidate for the Presidency.  Dan came away from the Texas visit, as did Gavin Newsom, with a different view of eswhat California is doing that causes those businesses to leave.   Both brought back a bi-partisan desire to fix things.

Well, I will be doing what I can to help Dan and the rest of the Republicans running for office and trying to stop the state from becoming Greece as the democrats here seem to be trying to do.  We need people like Dan Logue in Sacramento, like we need Tom McClintock in Washington D.C.  They are the last best hope to turn back the democrat/socialists infesting the American body politic.  GO DAN!


  1. If this 70s B-PornMovie male look-a-like is our best hope, we are really DOOMED!

  2. What other distasteful visions do you have a tendency to conceive Pete?

  3. Pete that is your last post here unless you use your real name. I do understand why you libs don't use your real name since the best you can think up is like your last poost. You are just a lib troll namecaller, probably on welfare and a dope smoker. There how is that? Sheesh!

  4. Logue is a joke! But as his friend it was nice of you to write this article for him

  5. I don't know what sort of a man Dan Logue is; I do know that he mostly represents the interests of big oil and wealthy corporations. I've watched him for the past couple of years since I found out that he wrote proposition 23. Logue has this way of being on the wrong side of science and history. An artform really. He holds Nevada up as a development model; Nevada tanks worse than California. Logue holds up Rick Perry as the person who should be our President; Dan Perry turns out to not be all that bright. The same will be said about Logue's efforts to overturn carbon emission legislation. A matter of shere hubris.

    I'm sure Logue will be just as short sighted when it comes to the timber legislation he wants to pass. In short, a turnip would be a better candidate than Dan Logue who finds himself almost always on the wrong side of history.

  6. Wow. A bunch of California liberals trolling sites to make ridiculous comments. KonKow, Logue doesn't represent the oil companies in any way shape or form, they donated money on Prop 23 and because Prop 23 failed Kow, you can expect huge increases in energy costs. Hope you can afford it, most cannot.

    As for the wrong side of science and history Kow, no state is enacting what California has because it is financial suicide and the science is fraudulent. Haven't you been keeping up with current events Kow and how CARB had hired a fake PhD to make up science rather than report true science. You might also check ClimateGate 2.0, more emails released showing the fraud. As for timber legislation Dan is doing the right thing and by the way, I am a forester and an EPA scientist.

    Kow, you have been brainwashed and as for Pete, I agree with Todd, the guy must be on crack, a liberal cup of jo.

  7. Both Perte and Kow are uninformed trolls and if they had a decent thing to say about good people their heads would explode. Kow is a phony and will not be allowed to post unless he/she uses a real name, which of course, must be theirs.

  8. I think the visual of Danny Boy was spot on.
    And damn funny.

  9. He is a lot butter looking than cross dressers like you. LOL

  10. Todd,

    Nope, I'm not a troll. In fact, Dan Logue is my Assemblyman--in both the new district and the old district. Dan wants to continue being my Assemblyman so badly that he moved to a gated community to be able to continue serving me.

    I accidently signed in under an old google e-mail address, which ended up with the KonKow thing. How interesting that you won't let me post on your site unless I give you my real name, yet you let other people, quite sympathetic of your viewpoint, post under the anonymous label.

    You might disagree with me. That's fine. But please don't write off every dissenting view as "uninformed trolls" mired in negativity. Civil debate sometimes leads to a new-found respect and an understanding of the other's worldview. Which, I would think, is the intention of your blog. Good people can still have bad ideas.

    Allan Stellar

  11. I can't seem to find you in the phone book and you appear to be a fiction. Regarding civility, you started the name calling and did so under a fictitious name. The others I allow to post with initials are people I know personally and have said that time and again. Since you are the newest troll,I guess I have now told you as well.
    You said, "In short, a turnip would be a better candidate than Dan Logue " and you whine about namecalling? No, Dan worked hard, plays by te rules and was overwhelmingly elected by people like me. Your in control of he State of California and have wrecked the place. Dan is trying to save it.

  12. Todd,

    I suggest you try googling Allan Stellar. I assure you, I'm a real person.

    We certainly can do better than Dan Logue. Writing Prop 23 is enough for me to vote for a turnip over him. I've read nearly everything Dan Logue has written over the last year. He is an ideologue rooted in bad science and bad politics. He cited one Koch Brothers study which called California to be the 49th least free state in the country. When I delved into the study, by their own criteria, freedom was defined by 1. homeschooling 2. freedom from environmental laws and 3. gun ownership. By that criteria, Somalia is the most free country in the world.

  13. I googled and came up with this under your name, is your residence in Concow? I actually went there when I was running for Assembly in 1992. Kind of the boonies, some say it is Okieland. Is that true?

    Here is your words about you.

    "This blog tells the story of a middle-aged married couple with left-wing, green, solartopian values---attempting to live an "off the grid" lifestyle. They are as "Primitive Green" as possible---building with logs cut or salvaged from their property, blue jean insulation, recycled tin, recycled barnwood, cob, adobe and strawbales. A few publications have been misguidedly foolish enough to feature Allan's writing including: The Mother Earth News, the socialist Monthly Review, Counterpunch, Earth Tree News, Homepower Magazine and the world famous Fillmore County Journal (whose payments provided beer money for Allan while going through nursing school). Joni has the distinction of having the longest prison sentence in Colorado for a treesit; having sat in a 400 year old Englemann Spruce (protecting some of the last ancient forests in the Rocky Mountains). Earth First!! Feel free to drop Allan a line at: with your stories, complaints, disgust, zeal, love, advice or just to say "Hi"."

    I can see why you feel the way you do since you are way out there in left field. If there is a turnip head it has to be you since that is what you seem to relate to better. Tree sitting, is fine if they are your trees. Off the grid? You seem to have some modern tech gadgets if you are posting so I would suggest you may have a steak of liberal/socialist hypocrisy. I do enjoy leftwing screeds for humor though.

  14. Isn't it ironic that some of the people of Allen's ideological persuasion refer to conservatives using descriptives such as:


  15. Todd,

    I'd think you would be supportive of my lifestyle, freedom, liberty and the Emersonian self reliance it provides. You found me. In a way, I am much more conservative than you.

    As for the tree sit? Those trees belonged to all of us (national forest land). From what I gather from the art of your blog, you like wildness. Well, this tree sit was to prevent some of the last stands of ancient spruce at 9,000 feet. That's not a place to cut wood, as the growing season is literally a couple of months long. The enviro impact will be felt for hundreds of years.

    Alas, it seems you are much too rigidly paleo-conservative to engage in dialogue with. Too bad.


  16. It's not your lifestyle I for one find threatening.


Real name thank you.