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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OWS's Last Rally in Nevada County

Not too great a turnout. Credit
We all appreciate "civil disobedience" in the vein of Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. and it is certainly the "American Way"  to exercise that tactic.  What I see though in the OWS movement is a few core people and a bunch of fringe nuts, hangers on if you know what I mean.  The local OWS has a website and it looks pretty professional.  That is about a far as it goes though.  These folks have been rallying at the local bank branches and on a overpass or two to seek recognition for their cause.

Now it appears the OWS rallies seem to get the lamestream media all aflutter and they cover them with their cameras and microphones almost on a daily basis.  This seems to me to be a bit much since most of the OWS rallies or marches are quite small and many of the folks in them are fringe types.  Unlike the limited coverage the lamestream gives the Tea Party Patriots, or the bills passed by the Republicans in Congress and stalled by the democrats in the Senate, the lamestream media seems to be infatuated with these people.  That is a great strategy in a media era but it looks to me it is backfiring on the OWS.

Americans remember the Chicago riots of 1968 and when they see disregard and disrespect for what most Americans feel are good manners, well, the people start having doubts about these fly-by-night movements. Pooping on a police car and having to set up "safe" tents for women who fear being raped does not endear these kinds of movements to the great mass of the people.

So, like the picture at the top of the page, not many people attend these rallies any more since it appears these folks are not even close to the mainstream like the Tea Party is.  For the record, I am not a Tea Party member, but I consider myself a normal, patriotic run of the mill American.


  1. Where do you see nuts and hangers on? It certainly looks like a snapshot of a typical small community like GV; young, middle and older folks. Everyone looks very normal to me.

  2. Since when were teenagers in Uggs and college sweatshirts, and men in tie and dress clothes considered fringe or remotely close to your ignorant stereotype of OWS?

    Big fail on your logic.

  3. My logic is just fine. This pic was one of many and was posted to show the lack of support OWS has here.

  4. Oh contrare. Its been growing every week I've seen it in GV and NC. Your photo is one small area out of a long line of protesters around the banks that day. Clearly these are normal, representative members of the community fed up with big money institutions and power brokers. Like the MAJORITY of Americans! And the problem with protesting and opposing the big money institutions and power brokers would be______? LOL. You lose on this one Todd. Give it up.

  5. The number of folks at the local OWS gatherings each Wednesday has been BIG, vs. the lie Todd spouts about low turnouts.

    The local Wednesday events have had 250-500 people each time. These folks are a wide range of our community.

    Todd is just plain wrong and not telling the truth... what a surprise!

    Todd says... "not many people attend these rallies any more".... WRONG!

  6. Not many OWS attendees is accurate. You two are just jealous of the huge turnouts at the monthly Tea Party meetings. What a shame, just lib stats, always wrong.

  7. These local OWS rallies remind me of a Val Kilmer comedy, Top Secret, where a few trucks were filmed going around in a circle (from a ixed position) to make it appear as an endless convoy. LOL.

  8. They should remind you of "Caddy Shack" and in this case you're the Gopher!

  9. No I am Rodney Dangerfield, you are Bill Murray,


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