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Friday, October 7, 2011

Keystone Pipeline public hearing on right now. Same old BS from the eco nuts

Having been on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and overseeing many public hearings, I have to say, NOTHING has changed.  The eco groups have a playbook for opposition talking points and they simply fill in the blanks for whichever project they are protesting.  I am watching and listening to this and it is a sad sight.  HERE is the original permit application to the State Department. HERE is the State Department Homepage devoted to the project.

As usual, the left and some sympathetic others, shriek the world will come to an end, the pollution will be huge and the environment will be trashed.  Water will be polluted, the Ogalala Aquifer will be ruined and the Mississippi will be destroyed.  On and on.  All this from a pipeline that will transport oil sands from Canada to Texas.  The ecos use the term "dirty oil" over and over and urge a "just say no" to the pipeline.  I thought the left ridiculed "just say no"?  Oh, that was about their drugs wasn't it?  I guess things are in a motionless state in the minds of the eco community.

America has fought many wars and these same lefty econuts are the ones on the front lines of protest to these wars.  They always say we are fighting the wars for oil.  That we should stop that and get our troops home.  Well, I agree.  We should stop fighting wars for oil, save our troops lives and use our own resources.  Then we see what that really means to the eco nuts.  They fight every proposal to drill and transport  our hemisphere's resources.  Why is that?  Because they oppose the use of oil and want the planet to stop using it.  They attack that use at these hearings and in the policies of the government and then the courts.  They are totally disingenuous.

One fellow testified in support of the pipeline using the point of using our own resources.  In his testimony he stated he liked seeing the coal from his state, Montana, traveling on railroads to their destination at power plants in other states.  He said guess who owns the railroads?  Warren Buffet!  Anyway he asked for a show of hands at this Washington DC hearing of those that did not use a fossil fuel driven vehicle to get to the meeting.  Three hands went up out of the thousand attendees.

I am watching the demise of America right in front of my eyes.  No project can escape these econuts and their ridiculous positions.  Many policies are ingrained in law now.  So, here we go again.  The nasty greedy corporations, the nasty foreign corporations, dirty oil, every terrible scenario of environmental disaster is real and we don't need the Stinkin oil and jobs anyway.  We are toast as a country simply because the ATTITUDE of these people is so anti-capitalist and so hypocritical.  God help America.


  1. Enviros Rule, and always will in the future. We will no longer tolerate destruction of our earth.

  2. What's the problem? Mommy and Daddy didn't let you go camping when you were a kid? Enviro freak!

  3. Rule? LOL. We have seen your handywork. You drove jobs out of the state, not to mention overseas. Let me know when you can eat "pretty". Now go back and live in your culvet pipe.
    Anonymous ? Just another word for coward.

  4. Yes, RULE. I know it must pain you guys that the environmental laws finally changed for the better in the 1960s and 70s, but facts are facts. Kudos to Mr. Nixon for his help and a reasonable, intelligent crop of Republicans. We're not going back to the days of environmental destruction. Get over it.


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