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Monday, September 26, 2011

Gallup Poll says 49% of Americans say the government is too big and too powerful

This is quite a telling figure in the minds of our citizens.  It does not bode well.  The left in our community and our country are being shown the folly of their beliefs.  Here is the telling quote from the poll.

"49% of Americans believe the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. In 2003, less than a third (30%) believed this.

What is interesting to me is the comparison to the Bush Presidency.  An almost 20 percent increase in the fear of the government, mostly since the left took over, flies in the face of the lefts constant finger pointing at the Tea Party and the Bush years.  I personally did great under the Bush years and except for the last few months of his term, the country was doing good too.  As soon as Pelosi/Reid got Congress in 2007 though, the country started to go to hell in a hand basket.

HERE is the full Gallup report on its September 8-11 poll. Congress takes quite a hit too.  The people are as usual, PO'd about the two branches of the legislative segment and I think I know why.  The left did so much damage to the reputation of Congress while they had both houses that even when the R's took control the dissatisfaction did not dissipate.  It actually increased and I would suggest it is because Harry Reid and his band of doom are still  a roadblock to reform.  Most reform measures, including the budgets and the Ryan plan that are bottled up by Reid and when a vote finally happens, the left sticks together and defeats the bill.  People see gridlock (I like gridlock) and all get the blame.  If the press would inform the people better perhaps the pressure on the "do nothing" democrat Senate would spur some guilt and some activity.
This graph from the poll should make all democrats wiggle in the undies and November 2012 can't come fast enough for me and most Americans

So, maybe people are really paying attention to the Tea Party and their concerns?  Yes, I think so.  Without the TPP, we would not be close to retaking the government "of the people" and the left would be deluding themselves through their friends in the press that they were reflecting American values and concerns.  Even the local leftwingnuts are self delusional and disregard the message and unrest in the political life of the country.  They live in the past, always blaming Republicans and even going back to the Reagan era to try and convince themselves they are right about their positions.  Well, the left must be stoned because the rest of us live in the present and want to solve the issues of the present.

The following finding shows how out of touch liberals are even with their own party and if the local lefty wingnuts read this they won't believe it anyway. 

"Majorities of Democrats (65%) and Republicans (92%) are dissatisfied with the nation's governance."

So our delusional segment here and elsewhere of liberals/progressives/socialists is becoming a small wart even on the butts of their own party.  Small, but still painful.


  1. Yes, we need LESS banking regulations! Leave great institutions like Citizens Bank alone! They would have been fine without that old FDIC and Comptroller of the Currency meddling in their insular local affairs. Let the Good Ole Boys take care of bizness!


  2. One thing all liberals do is throw the baby out with the bathwater when they are debating. No one says we need no rules, that is plain silly. If you want to to see the results of Dodd-Frank, go try and get a loan or a credit card or a mortgage.

  3. Its what happens when economies crater from lack of regulatory oversight. Dodd-Frank was flawed from the getgo because of special interests corrupting the process.

    So, do we really need less or more financial regulation? I say we need new and BETTER regulation. Along with a transaction tax on trades.

    Do you really TRUST Wall Street investment bankers and traders to do the right thing under free market principles?

    What evidence is there that letting these capitalist machines go unfettered will lead to good long-term outcomes?


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