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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Muslim Terrorists caught before killing fellow Englishmen

Up to seven men were caught making bombs to blow up their fellow Englishmen and women, oh and children too.  HERE is the article. This is from the article.

"Irfan Nasser, 30, of Sparkhill, and Irfan Khalid, 26, of Balsall Heath, are accused of preparing for an act of terrorism, including travelling to Pakistan for training in terrorism, making a martyrdom video and planning a bombing campaign.
They are accused of constructing a home-made explosive device for terrorist acts and stating an intention to be a suicide bomber."

Now isn't that special?  So for all you misguided people who think a home grown citizen would not do something so heinous, read it and weep.  Jihad knows no nuance.

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