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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Updated ,RANT#1, Just back from Reno and a fun night then I read the news

I went up to the biggest little city with my fiancee and two good friends to eat, gamble (penny slots) and dance.  We danced until three AM and had a great time.  Reno is still fun but the casinos were not very busy for a Friday night.

What is amazing though to me is that people actually travel there to have fun when they could just as well stay home and watch a comedy Netflix and cook a corndog.  We wanted to have a traditional buffet dinner and the Nugget was not a disappointment.  Baked trout, prime rib, clams on the shell, it was great!  Then after getting ready we went over to the old MGM Grand and danced to country music and had a few beers and cocktails.  It was not very busy and I made the observation the Indian casinos may be the reason.

The five dollar and up slots were deserted and there were many 21 tables without a soul at them.  The traditional ding ding ding of the slots was not as loud as I recall.  The whooping of winners was hardly heard.  I think the people are hunkering down.  I did not listen to the news for 24 hours and when I returned home today I saw the SandP had downgraded our country's debt rating to AA+ from AAA. It kind of added up.  Then I saw we lost a large number of our troops in a Afghanistan firefight and that got me even more mad. How could a military place so many soldiers in one helicopter knowing the Taliban had rockets which could bring the Chinook down?  Are the Generals stupid?  That is unacceptable.

The whole mess we have going in our country is avoidable but the politicians will have none of that.  They want to micro mange us, tax us, control us, put us all in debtors prison and then blame someone else.  I am sad that my country has become such a mess.  The politicians have played with us and we are all losing important things to their incompetence.  The loss of our brave soldiers to a stupid general, the loss of a stellar credit rating to stupid politicians (leftists) and the thought of more involuntary servitude in the form of higher taxes and more regulations makes me wonder why I even turned on the news today.

Reno isn't busy and I'll bet it is because the people don't have much disposable income to throw into a slot machine (they have enough sense to stop spending).  Everybody loses.  Harry Reid, US Senate Majority Leader, check out the results of your stupid decisions on your own state.  You should be tried for treason.

Updated  08-08-2011 at 3:21PM.  This is for the big mouth who was questioning my criticism of the placement of so many SEAL team members into a Chinook.  According to a news story on FOX just now, a SEAL expert said they never place more than a few members in a vehicle or helicopter and this was the first time he recalled it ever being done.  So, I guess the big mouth needs to apologize, ya think?


  1. Todd shows how his "brain" works buy posting:

    "How could a military place so many soldiers in one helicopter knowing the Taliban had rockets which could bring the Chinook down? Are the Generals stupid? That is unacceptable".

    "The loss of our brave soldiers to a stupid general... makes me wonder why I even turned on the news today"

    News flash... it's a war. A part of the Seal Team were all in the same helo because they were on a rescue mission. Chinook's are used and have been used for a long, long time there.

    But Todd is much smarter than the Seal Team leaders and their comanders? Yep, those folks have no training and experience and have no idea what they are doing... they should ask Todd how to do it.

    Chinook's are big and but make a big target when taking off or landing so they are mostly restricted to night flights in hot areas and they have elevated use rules they op under.

    So Todd says this tragic loss of brave soldiers is the result of the stupid military and a stupid general... JUST CLUELESS!

    This tragic loss is a result of the war and the enemy.

    And NOW Todd blames the lack of business and the crap economy in Nevada on "Harry Reid, US Senate Majority Leader" and posts "check out the results of your stupid decisions on your own state. You should be tried for treason".

    Well not long ago Todd, Dan Logie and a few others made statement after statement about how great Nevada was claiming Nevada was the poster child for what California should do too.

    Logue even made PR trips to Nevada to meet with folks in Nevada to see how they do such a great job in Nevada.

    Well Nevada has a higher unemployment rate than Cali and Las Vagas and Reno are in bad shape... why?

    An economy based on people betting and losing money and boom growth means only one thing... boom and bust... Nevada is now busted and Todd and Logue no long rant about how wonderful Nevada is as they once did on the R blogs.

  2. KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The U.S. Navy SEALs and other troops whose helicopter was shot down in eastern Afghanistan had rushed to the mountainous area to help a U.S. Army Ranger unit that was under fire from insurgents, two U.S. officials said Sunday.

    The rescue team had completed the mission, subduing the attackers who had the Rangers pinned down, and were departing in their Chinook helicopter when the aircraft was apparently hit, one of the officials said.

  3. SteveE has lost his mind. He now thinks he is an expert in the military and as we know, he has no clue unless the NRDC sends him his talking points. How tragic that one person such as Steve has no moral compass to guide him in his thoughtless opinions about any issue. As I read SteveE's screeds it becomes more clear he is a clueless, self-centered egotist who could care less about the troops or the job creators. Since I am unaware of my doing or saying anything about Nevada's gaming industry in the past It would look as if SteveE has made it up from whole cloth. I am only grateful the military never took him in because he would not have been made "Potato Peeler, Level One". And as he has apparently never employed more than himself and owns nothing that makes him a part of out community, I must say he is simply an interloper. Tragic.

  4. Todd- A lot of Nevada's problem is the other states giving out Indian gaming licenses like they are going out of style. Outside of sports gambling, those Inidan casinos have it all- entertainment, all the table games and slots- and they're closer to home. Why go to anywhere but Vegas (just for the shows/experience of going to Vegas) if you're from outside of the CA/NV/AZ area? They don't have this problem in China, where instead of cannibalizing their gaming Mecca, which is Maccau, they've instead kept gambling illegal on the mainland so as not to devour that dollar. The rest of the states, and the feds too, threw Nevada to the dogs when allowed Indian gaming everywhere. It's just not that special a place any more. I think the recession has a little to do with it, but the big picture is Indian gaming.
    - Kyle

  5. I think I said that Kyle, but we are in agreement.

  6. So Todd claims to know more than the Seal Team Commanders. Todd bashes the Seal Team Commanders because Todd clearly "thinks" he must have more information, training and experience in combat than the Commanders of the Seal Team.

    Here's the brake down as posted by commander Todd:

    "How could a military place so many soldiers in one helicopter knowing the Taliban had rockets which could bring the Chinook down? Are the Generals stupid? That is unacceptable".

    "The loss of our brave soldiers to a stupid general... makes me wonder why I even turned on the news today"

    I have family members in harms way, protecting us and I FULLY support those that serve... unlike commander Todd.

    Hey Todd, while I wasn't in the military I did serve with them. I worked side-by-side with them, I lived with them, I ate with them and I drank with them while doing Federal special ops duty with them on an air base in Oregon. I have the highest respect for and support for the military and I sure don't like some arm chair commander bashing them.

  7. No Steve, you did nothing close to the military. You are fibbing and trying to gain some personal glory off of others sacrifices you should be ashamed.. It pains me to see you dissing the SEALS and making light of their deaths. You are a despicable person SteveE. Perhaps you should take sensitivity training and become a real caring person rather than a sycophantic military/cop wannabee. Try harder.

  8. As the facts and Todd's own posts above show... the only one dissing the Seals is commander Todd.

    All one has read the posts above to read the truth.

  9. FYI... for my Federal deployment I was stationed at Kingsley Field AFB in Klamath Falls, OR.

  10. SteveE I don't believe you. You tell too many stories that cannot be checked. Post your degree in planning and perhaps we might give you a break. But, you are simply a fibber McGee. Oh, and your dissing of the SEALS is despicable.

  11. Hey Todd... once again... I will bet you $2,000 cash that what I say is true.

    So it's this simple Todd... you and I both give George Rebane $2,000 cash to hold.

    I provide the proof to George and George hands me the 4K.

    If I don't provide the proof to George Rebane you get the 4K.

    I trust George and the truth and the facts and I'll love getting your 2K.

    Do we have a bet Todd? Will you back up your mouth?

    And as all can see from the above posts Todd is the only poster here that disparaged the Seal Team killed defending and serving our Country... one just needs to read Todd's own posts above for the facts. It was Todd that posted above:

    "How could a military place so many soldiers in one helicopter knowing the Taliban had rockets which could bring the Chinook down? Are the Generals stupid? That is unacceptable".

    "The loss of our brave soldiers to a stupid general... makes me wonder why I even turned on the news today."

    Seems Todd thinks he knows more than the Seal Team Commanders/Generals he slammed above.

    So Todd... will you back up your mouth and make the bet?

  12. SteveE, I have told many times I don't bet except for a penny slot once a year. I have challenged you to produce your documents backing up your claims to be a planner, a DEA agent, a A park ranger, a fish and game guy etc., etc., now you claim to have been elbow to elbow with troops in the service. Wow, what a guy. So, just produce your proof and if you don't you simply prove you are a big mouth and an empty suit.

  13. Al can see it's Todd that shoots off his mouth and then fails to back it up.

    Simple... I have my $2,000 ready to go while Todd runs his mouth and fails to back it up.

    Get you money out Todd and let's have George hold our cash... back up your mouth if you dare.

    And as everyone can see from the posts above Todd is the only one here that has disrespected those that serve. The facts are the facts and Todd's above post is real clear.

  14. Screw the money...just take him, up on the challenge Todd. I would really enjoy seeing you get your rump whipped!


  15. Hey Todd, one of my Federal team members, in fact my Sergeant was a two term, Vietnam War Navy Vet, he was a volunteer and he was a Seal. He did two rotations in Vietnam, mostly extracting amd saving downed pilots.

    It was a privilege and an honor to work with him and a number of other Vets that were also on my team.

  16. No SteveE, you are simply a big mouth nobody and you are trying to get some fame by coming on my blog. I am just laughing my butt off with your childishness. What a hoot!

  17. SteveE and F both of you are bloviators and I must admit I am certainly amazed at your story telling abilities. Your fantasy of service SteveE is a wonder to behold. Now you had a team eh? What a hoot. Regarding Frisch, you are a always a spectator, to afraid to do it yourself. Now you want SteveE to do your fantasy challenge. What a hoot!

  18. Todd, don't you realize that in the mind of Enos and Frisch you are the enemy...a terrorist, hostage taker of the status quo and an extremist because you beleive in the American individual and the greatness of this nation.

    Illegal immigrants are not the enemy, muslim extremist are not the enemy, cradle to grave nanny state policies are not the enemy, YOU are.

    I find it completely disgusting the mind-set of the arrogant teet suckers that think they are smarter than those of us that create jobs, pay taxes and operate in the PRIVATE sector. Our founders tried to warn us about parasites like Enos and Frish...but we were to busy feeding our families to pay attention to the rise of the American-hating, professional victims of the left. We are fully awake and engaged now and that is why we are the enemy.

    Lastly, this inter-American cold war will not end until folks like Enos and Frisch are in a tax-payer funded Alzheimer's ward.

    F point U

  19. Todd... I'm backing my words up with $2,000. Pony up, get your $2,000 to George and then let's see what happens.

    Yes Todd, I was on a Team and I'm happy to hand George my $2,000 cash... and you?

  20. Naw. didn't your mommy ever tell you liars never prosper. You need to stop.

  21. Let's make it $3,000 cash Todd. Let's both hand George the cash and take it from there.

    I'm ready... so how about you Todd?

    Ready to back up your mouth? I even have a lot of photos from my work I will provide to George... just need you to "put up" Todd... if you have the spine to do so.

  22. Make it $250,000 and I may get interested SteveE.

  23. Enos, stop whining and stop the passive aggressive crap with Todd. You should be embarrassed to behave the way you do as a grown man. If you were half the man Todd is you'd be on your way to having some class.


  24. Just personal attacks from those that hide and refuse to stand behind their posts with their name... just an un-named sock puppet that hides in the bushes and back stabs.

    "Class" you post? Try showing some class and some spine and use your name you coward.

    "Real name required"

  25. I have more class in my pinky finger than you have demonstrated on these blogs.

    My real name is none of your business. Todd knows who I am and that is really all that matters herein.

    I have my reasons for remaining anonymous, none of which are any of your business either.


  26. No name, no spine, no class... just a nameless back stabber hiding in the bushes.

    "Real name required thank you"

  27. Looks like you don't have any friends SteveE. You seem to make enemies rather than friends. You are a sad sack.


Real name thank you.