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Monday, August 8, 2011

RANT #2, why I am never surprised by the stupidity of liberals, especially on racism

There has been an attempt by the local looney tunes left to create some sort of racial battle over a newsletter cartoon on a local organizations newsletter.  The CABPRO newsletter has 19 pages of opinions and articles discussing a number of topics and on the last page is a parody of government using the Little Rascals show.  The newsletter is apparently delivered to many public officials, by hand mind you, and that seemed to be the main problem for the looney left.

Since our Clerk-Recorder and our President share a similar racial background, the left decided the cartoon was a racist act.  The liberals have decided to use their blogs and posts to decry the "racism" of the newsletter and have burned the blogs up with their "outrage".  Please, give it up, you liberals have overplayed your phony outrage.

The reason we know it is phony is because the liberal never seems to be upset in reverse discrimination issues or acts.  Racism is bad whenever and wherever it comes from and the "right" seems to be consistent in condemning it.  The left does not and that is the main clue for their hypocrisy.  HERE is a article which I have yet to read one iota of condemnation and concern about  by out Truckee and Nevada City liberal hypocrites. I certainly condemn it as I condemn any racism.

What I have seen over the years and even lately on this CABPRO newsletter issue is the liberals are truly the racists in America.  They are always viewing any issue containing people who are not white in a racial prism.  Any slight is a racial outrage, but it usually isn't racial in reality but the left will have none of it.  I believe they use race to intimidate others into silence.  Well, it used to work but the American people are tired of it.  I chuckle when I hear the nut from Truckee point fingers at others in Nevada County when in fact he lives in the "whitest" county of the state and probably has no one of any color except white in his so called business.  That is just amazing to me.

When I was young I personally worked for many years with people from Mexico, the Philippines, Latin America and with American blacks.  I discovered they were no different then me.  They wanted to succeed here and make a better life for themselves.  Same as me.  I decided early in my life that people of any colors just want to raise their families and live a good and pleasant life.  This really influenced my views of others and I maintain that view today.  So when I read the crap put into the ether by the liberals, trying to stir up racial hatred, I have to respond to them.  Mr. Diaz may be black but that has nothing to do with anything unless you are a liberal.  Mr. Obama may be black but that has nothing to do with anything unless you are a liberal.

The Tea Party has people from every background and race.  What ties them together their love of America and its laws and rules of equal opportunity.  Americans of good will share the Constitution and the benefits many have fought and died for.  They all reject the phony hypocrisy on race the liberals constantly spew.  We on the right welcome all people, liberals want to be their masters.

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