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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chicago/Democrat Style Politics with a mainstream media helping hand

I was once accused of "Chicago Style" politics during the primary on 1984 for County Supervisor.  I didn't even know what that meant.  We had a strategy on election day to hand out flyers past the 100 foot mark at polling places and that PO'd my opposition.  The Elections official issued a report later that it was perfectly legal but he still issued 100 foot strings to his help at the general election.  But, my opponents were freaked out because I brought something new and different to local politics.  All legal of course, but the still cried "Chicago" style politics.

Now we all know and have sen what that really means.  From dead people voting (always for democrats), democrat iron clad control of the city down to the dog catcher's secretary to bought and paid for machine politicians (always democrats) elected to the US Senate and House and now even the president of the country.  The following video is a good example of how even the Chicago and Illinois press protect their democrat officials.  It is a disgusting display of cronyism between, in this case, Dick "the "turban" Durbin and the Illinois press.  A Washington Times, credentialed reporter is the victim of the anti American power of Durbin and his lackeys.  Read the article as well as watch the video.  The sound is low so turn up your speakers.  This whole expisod was not reported by the mainstream media.

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