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Friday, August 12, 2011

Obamacare takes another hit. 11th Circuit says nope to mandate, our bodies are ours

Soon to be coming to an end, Obamacare, yes, and good riddance.  It will be getting to the US Supremes and I'll bet five that they will boot it on a 5-4 vote.  The latest 2-1 vote contained the first democrat appointed Justice to vote against the mandate.  The ONE was a Clinton appointed judge too, but he, Stanley  Marcus, must have forgot to read the Constitution.  He actually stated since the founding that thr Commerce Clause has morphed so much into a all knowing all seeing all covering clause, the Feds could do anything they want! Unlimited Federal power!

If anyone had a doubt about the loony left and their appointments to our judicial posts, this Marcus character is the poster child of stupidity.  I guess when his view comes back as a piece of legislation that says the Judicial is out of the third branch because the Commerce Clause is interpreted as such, then maybe the nut will get it.  Oh, probably not.

HERE is the latest article which is fairly down the middle from Yahoo of all places.

HERE is the POLITICO story which I consider a article by a stenographer for the Administration.

It appears all this is just the required step to get a ultimate decision from the Supremes and since no Republican voted for the travesty all the things American find wrong with government will rest squarely on the democrats.  I even heard ABC News Radio at the top of the hour report this as just a blip and since the 6th Circuit voted for Obamacare, it was no big deal of a decision.  The ABC report was typical stenographic input from the Administration (they made the report about the 6th Circuit mainly).  America's economy is in the tank and we need to beat Obamacare and the last entitlement program on drugs.  We have to return our budget to balance and Americans by over 60% agree.

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