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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cheryl Cook is afraid of Grover!

Ms. Cook has once again written a fallacious letter to the editor of the Union and once again she shows all of free thinking Americans how afraid the left is of competition in the political world.  HERE is her screed in today's paper and I must say she is certainly a typical liberal hypocrite. Since comments are not allowed in the paper anymore, people like Cook are difficult to respond to in a timely fashion so I will do that here.

For some reason liberals like Cook think the only people that have a right to make a pledge of any kind is a liberal.  The pledge the 235 Republicans have made to not raise taxes is not acceptable to Cook but the unsigned pledge by the left in Congress to always raise taxes is OK.  The left knows what happens if they actually sign their name to their actual beliefs, just like what happened to Walter Mondale in 1984.  He was accidentally honest when he advocated raising taxes on Americans and he lost 49 of the 50 states to Reagan.  So, lesson learned.  Liberals will always raise the taxes on everyone, that is a given leftist position.  Republicans try not to.  Grover Norquist was very smart to get the R's to sign their names because we all know it is much more difficult to lie and change your position if it is in writing.

Grover Norquist (wikipedia has a left slant so read with caution) seems to make Cheryl Cook mad.  She attacks him in particular because he is opposed to the thing she holds most dear, above all else on the planet, to raise taxes and give her pals power over the people.  Money is power and government taking 35% of our GDP at all levels has happily obliged Cook and her ilk.  What did Reagan say again?  If it moves, tax it?  Well you get the picture of how a liberal thinks, a liberal but also almost all democrats as well.  Redistribution is their mantra and Cook certainly pushes that.

Norquist is the leader of American's for Tax Reform and he is a vocal and intelligent man and speaker for his beliefs. I have heard Grover a few times and once in a meeting back a few years.  He is as adamant about NOT raising taxes as the liberal democrats are about swiping more from us.  This makes the left apoplectic and me very happy.  We have a number of people looking out for us in DC who fight tax hikes and new taxes in general.  If we did not have Grover getting people to live up to their pledges, we would probably be Greece a lot sooner than we are apparently going to be. 

The left hates Grover because he doesn't nuance and he tells it like it is and he is effective.  The left is exposed by him for the hypocrites and bloviators they are and we all know the liberals live under rocks and hate the light of exposure, the exposure of their true endeavors.  The takeover of all our money and property to be redistributed by the liberal commissars.  So, in my view when a lefty nut like Cook attacks people for signing a pledge not to get into my pocket, we know we have won the latest battle against socialism.

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