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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lefty British Tabloid Hacked Voice Mails Too!

With all the news stories about the News Corp and Rupert Murdoch, you would think it was all a vast right wing conspiracy.  The glee of the lamestream media, media of all types, is breathtaking.  They pounced on this old story and were so excited to trash Murdoch I thought there would be a lynching.  Well, now we hear it was a common practice in Britain and a leftwing paper (and publishing company) has now been exposed for the same behaviour.

As I have stated previously I condemn any kind of hacking, except for illegal activities like the Mafia of course (with proper warrants), and am appalled it has been used to get information to publish personal information to the world.  I have listened to our local leftwingnuts shout with joy that finally something that could possibly tarnish Murdoch's publishing empire and take away any credibility of FOX News and the Wall Street Journal among others.  Well, since the left has no credibility or standing on these issues in my opinion, their shouting is meaningless.  They of course supported Dan Rather's phony story on George W. Bush and there are many other stories  showing the leftwing medias attempts to shut up conservatives.

HERE is the latest article on the practice of these tabloids. This is how they explained this explained in a nutshell.

"Now storm clouds are gathering over the Trinity Mirror group, the publisher of Britain's left-leaning Mirror tabloid, amid allegations that phone hacking was rife there as well."

Of course the term "left leaning" is used by the lamestream press in place of leftwing extremist that should be used.  The press always calls anything on the right, extremist, so we on the right are used to the press' code words.  Read the article and then watch to see if there is the same outrage against the lefty group as they are spewing against NEWS Corp.  I bet you will see none.  Oh, and the thing I am still pondering is it seems all this hacking was going on during the reign on the Labour Party, the lefty's, of Britain.  It stopped when the right took power.  Hmm.


  1. Todd...This is so interesting, because it's the method that's been used over and over throughout history by the media during psychological warfare. The good guys are made to look bad, and the bad guys made to look like good guys. It's detailed in the Ency. Britannica concerning methods used during the communist revolution.

  2. You wouldn't find the NYT doing anything remotely like that! Nor would anyone at the NYT collaborate with anyone from outside the NYT about private information.

  3. Hey where is Enos and his selective outrage? What a hypocrite he is. Oh, no FOX or Murdoch, that's right. That is why he and his leftwingnut pals have no credibility with us and the American people.


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