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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Democrat corruption goes un-indentified again

Rarely do we get to savor the out and out identification of a democrat when they are caught doing an illegal act of some sort.  The latest is a democrat Sheriff from New Mexico caught and prosecuted for embezzlement among other things.  AP fails to mention his political affiliation and so the people of his state and the nation are denied the full truth.  If it were a Republican or a conservative, the press would be tarnishing all of center right people with the act of a lone crook.

HERE is the article and some attached comments from the article's readers.  I like NewsBusters  because Brent Bozell seeks out and publishes the bias in the media so we can get a balanced view of the malpracticing lamestream media.  He is also on Hannity from time to time and his research shows how we American consumers of truth  get shortchanged by AP and their ilk.  If this had been a Republican I bet it would have been in the front page headline, above the fold and in the first paragraph.  This kind of political prejudiced is nothing new.  My joy from this though is the Internet world and now FOX and conservative radio are there to help.  We have options to the leftwing media and we now can see their demise in papers and TV.  I am sad about that actually but they could fix it and regain their respect by being fair.  But, since these journalists are all trained in "liberal arts colleges", I don't see any hope. 

The culture of corruption of the democrat party in sex scandals, fundraising and fraud have to give Americans of all stripes a feeling of unease.  These democrats have made politics a dirty game and now we at least get to be informed by other means.  The latest is Congressman David Wu, a 56 year old pervert from Oregon (the link is a lamestream paper forced to publish the story I bet).  Along with the Al Gore's, John Edwards and Teddy Kennedy's, Wu will probably be misidentified and given a pass by the lamestream media until it is obvious they can't protect him any longer.


  1. I'd like to see a much harsher punishment for violating the public trust(regardless of Party affiliation.)

    This tawdry/illegal behavior is is very harmful to our nation.

    But as you point out, the traditional media is also shrinking from their responsibilities by failing to expose/report on these beasts (e.g. John Edwards)

    We have surveillance camera's on nearly every metropolitan street corner, but none in Washington. Perhaps its time to change that.

    --John Galt

  2. Sorry John, good or bad, there are a lot of cameras on D.C. street corners.



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