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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Democrats put pressure on Weiner

What the heck?  Why is this perv Weiner stroking the press and his fellow democrats.  I think his ego is simply overinflated and he needs to to be taken to the WOODSHED.  HERE is a CNN article I found today that sums it up well.  Maybe the democrats are getting better at polls.  The polls are telling Weiner to pull out.  He has popped off to many times and his mad dog approach of attacking Republicans has alienated even the Independents.  Weiner was representing a district where he could be their Congressman forever.  He never faced stiff opposition and his staying power was his for his choosing.  So, all in all, he has made his own bed and his fall is picking up steam after he vaulted to to the top of his party.  I say, bye bye Weiner, you were once a big pol and now you are a nowhere man.

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