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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why the left is not trusted in America

As a subscriber to the Union Newspaper most of my life I have read many many articles from all political perspectives in the paper.  Our little county and its cities are a small example of the the rest of the country and its opinions.  What fascinates me the most though is the liberal agenda and how it is explained by liberals.  Of course they are now calling themselves "progressives" which causes me to laugh uncontrollably whenever I hear it.

HERE is a article in today's Union from Don Cooks.  He apparently lived through the Great Depression and in my reading of his comments, he never learned anything from the experience. When I read his screeds (I do it holding my nose) they usually are demeaning our country and its people in some way.  There is never an acknowledgement of America's greatness and its unique place in history.  The "progressives" simply complain about the country and refuse to even have a kind word.  They are going to become extinct in my view.  They do tend to morph into other animals when they have worn out their welcome.  They were socialists, then communists then progressives then liberals and now back to progressives.  Kind of reminds me of global warming believers.  A progressives wet dream of propaganda.  They have been shown to simply be liars most of the time.

Cooks says this in his OP-ED, "

Waving a flag is fine, but remember it is only a symbol and we must be aware that a country doesn't progress unless it recognizes that it may not have the happiest people in the world. "

Say what?  We cannot progress if we don't admit we are unhappy?  This is the liberal mantra.  Here in America we have created the greatest place on the planet, we have the most freedom, (under daily attack though by progressives) and we take care of those that can't take care of themselves.  Even most welfare recipients have two TV's and a car.  Yet Cooks and his ilk complain.  Why is that?  In my view, other than their own personal failures and possible depression, they would like to install a socialist government at the very least and worse,maybe the failed communist system.  Of course they would be in charge and then determine the amount of "happiness" the rest of us would be allowed.

Sure, America is fallible and we make mistakes, but God help us these liberals/socialists are simply to much.  Whining about the rich not paying the "fair share" and how everyone with white skin is a racist (except them of course) is turning off  Americans of every stripe.  When all else fails, Cooks' ilk use the race card as evidenced by this quote from Cook's article,

"Part of real America came back into view during Katrina but has now faded into the sunset. Watching the haplessness of a permanent underclass of African Americans living in New Orleans' ghettos is shameful. Even before the hurricane, they lived in rotting housing complexes, attended ill-equipped schools and lacked adequate police protection."

Sorry Cooks, we don't buy your revisionist socialist history.  Katrina caused massive damage but it was the local leadership that failed to take care of themselves.  We Americans sent 120 BILLION dollars to help and yet their local leadership failed them.  Mississippi however did take care of their people and are now almost fully recovered.  Detroit and other cities have failed their constituents, America didn't.  Yet "progressives" always accuse others of intolerance.  His above quote also shows us all his disdain in our Founders yet their efforts to win the Revolution installed laws he happily lives under. 

No, Cooks and his ilk are simply ungrateful for the sacrifice of those that came before us and the great experiment in human and individual rights fought for by brave men and women.  Using the "progressive" governing strategies, America would now be a satellite of Germany, the USSR  and Japan.  I wonder how long his ilk's people would have lasted placing the OP-ED in the public square.


  1. Wow, I came across a Bitter Clinger personified. Holy cow man, what world are you living in? Certainly not the world of 2011. How incredibly sad. The world as you knew it is over.

  2. @ Chase.... "The world as you knew it is over"
    You got that right.And you can thank the "Progressive Lib" for that. I remember when kids could have a lemonade stand on their lawn or even a street corner. OOhhh, but NOT TODAY!
    Some self righteous LIB in city or county Gov will slap them with a fine and shut them down.
    we also have the LIB, ECO wacko killing jobs.
    The same bunch want gov. handouts in the form of grants to SUE to further kill off business.
    The jigg is up, and the majority of the people know it. That's why your radical Left will soon be an endangered species. ( but not soon enough)
    The Left has sold us down the river. SPEND!! SPEND!! SPEND!!!
    And if you think "O"'s admission that "crapulis" was a failure will save his butt and keep him in office,,, well,,your sadly mistaken.

  3. Make that 2 Bitter Clingers...

  4. Chase,

    Sorry but you're obviously retarded. Most retards like yourself have no respect for the WW2 generation, the work ethic they had and the great nation they passed along to their retarded offspring who have spent the last 40 years driving the country into a ditch with bratty idealism, completely ignorant perspectives and foolish policies.

    I find it interesting that people like Chase sit back and declare with confidence, "The world you knew is over" as if it has been REPLACED WITH SOMETHING BETTER.

    Liberalism is a disease that destroys nations...always has been always will be.

    Those that embrace liberalism while pretending to be smart and informed are retarded personified.

    Billy Ray Joe Bob McGillicutty 2.1

  5. Make that THREE bitter clingers.

  6. I'm too young to be a "bitter clinger."

    But if you need to deflect and label people that speak out against a disasterous federal government, an idiotic controlling class, and those that blindly support federal hegemony that's your choice...I support your right to be an full blown libtard Chase.


  7. I find it funny that a liberal would use the discredited reference Obama made to most religious and gun owners of our country. I think the fool is simply jealous since it appears he believes in nothing.

  8. With the irrational increase in ammo sales and gun ownership since Mr. Obama took office, I would say the description of Bitter Clinger has been proven utterly accurate. Good to see a haven here on this backwoods blog.

  9. Our backwoods blog is attracting you erudite thinkers. Why are you slumming?

  10. Yeah we're so backwoods.

    Do you have a problem with "backwoods" working men and women Chase?

    I happen to respect backwoods men and women. They are the heart and soul of this nation.

    Folks like Chase are the disease.

    Backwoodsy 2.1

  11. You have so beautifully illustrated my point, right here before our very eyes! Thanks boys.

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  13. Todd, I think some of the bloggers are slumming in the back woods because they're bored. They can't have fun on the Union blog anymore.

  14. Bonnie you arte probably right. They also took Sesame Street off Channel 6 and that has driven them to us as well.

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