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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Burkina Faso mutiny put down

Africa is certainly a mess.  There seems to be a desire in many countries to perpetuate civil unrest and many have experienced civil wars.  Burkina Faso, a small landlocked country on the Atlantic side of Africa has now experienced unrest.  Why?  Apparently the soldiers wanted more pay! A mutiny was suppressed and a few people were killed and injured.  HERE is a article that covers the mutiny and its outcome.

The African countries have a history of tribal warfare and since I first saw mercenaries going into the Belgian Congo in the early sixties to save Priests and Nuns I have been fascinated. I watched and read as the civil war in Nigeria raged and each side committed genocide on the other.  Angola, where Cuba sent troops to battle soldiers in the pay of South Africa raged for years until the USSR ran out of money and could no longer pay the surrogate Cubans.  South Africa and the apartheid government of the old Boers, descendants of the Dutch colonizers.  It seems if every country on the African continent is a mess.

Now we have the Arab countries of North Africa battling each other.  America and NATO decided to support the "rebels" in Libya after Qaddafi said he would kill them all.  Our western values were forcing us to stop another genocide.  After Rwanda's civil war America hung its head in shame because we could have probably stopped it but we stayed out.  A million people were murdered.  But the Arabs of Sudan clutching their book of peace, the Koran, and still murdered a million fellow citizens of the south, mostly blacks.  Then we had Sierra Leone and Liberia where megalomaniac leaders used  the diamonds of their countries to buy weapons and power then murdered hundreds of thousands.

On and on it goes.  These people in Africa show to me what happens when you have tribes instead of the rule of law.  I am not optimistic any of these places will ever experience the success of the west unless they get rid of the tribe.  When Mugabe took Rhodesia over and claimed the prosperous country the latest success for communism, he wasted little time in wrecking the place.  The problem is these men are simply tribal kings and they have no respect fore human life.  Mugabe took a self sufficient, exporting country, and made it into a Somalia.  I would suggest perhaps there is no answer to the ills of Africa and we may want to leave them to their own designs.  Burkina Faso is simply the latest example of a continent of perpetual chaos.

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