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Friday, June 3, 2011

Updated, 6-03-2011, Federal Judge rules jail to anyone saying AMEN!

Here we go again.  Another loony federal judge has decided students cannot say any words which this judge determines to be of a religious bent.  If the students disobey this federal dictator, they and the school administrators can be jailed!

HERE is the article. This ridiculousness has been going on all across our country for many years and this particular judge's action seems to sum up how our courts have become dictatorships.  The First Amendment has been twisted into a unrecognizable set of words and its meaning has been forgotten by these pin headed judges.  Why should everyone in the school ceremony be disallowed to even hear a word like "invocation" or "amen", just so some atheist and his mom and dad don't experience the horror of the spoken words?  Give me and the rest of the 80% of our country that want to hear those words a break, please!

HERE is a article with a radio clip with further detail.  These rulings about what a student or group of students can do and say on a school grounds or a piece of public property has become a major reason why Americans have lost faith in the judicial system.  If an atheist wanted to burn George Bush in effigy, I bet the Judge would say that is free speech and the burning would continue.  But, say 'amen" or "Jesus" and go to jail! You can't even place a personal statement on your own locker in some schools! One student was even told she could not wear a T-shirt that had the word Jesus on it!

America is in deep trouble, culturally, economically and spiritually.  Yet we spend our hard earned tax dollars supporting a dictatorial judicial branch that rules on cases like this.  What has happened to us?  If anyone says a religious word or phrase on a school campii, he is breaking the law.  If the same students want to discuss the wonder of atheism, they are hailed.  The world is upside down.  I hope the decision is appealed and a judge with some common sense takes this and fixes it.  Free speech should include Jesus and if not we are not free.

UPDATED, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out the previous Judge's ruling and the school graduation ceremony is now allowed to be actually in the USA and not North Korea.  I have a glimmer of hope for rational people for a bit longer.  Thank you Fifth Circuit!

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