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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wisconsin Update: Unions Wrecking the State, DailyKOS Too, America in Jeopardy?

So what has been going on in the great state of Wisconsin, that is, in a political sense?  The left is doing their best to return the Governorship and the Legislature to the leftwingnut socialist's control.  It is a battle royal.  There has been three special elections to fill seats of legislators hired by Governor Walker to administration positions.  Two retained republicans and one to a democrat.

HERE is a article from the DailyKOS on their efforts to bring socialism and union control back into power.  The "volunteers", actually most are paid union signature gatherers, have qualified six of eight State Senators, all Republicans, for a recall vote in July.  Actually, the signatures have not been totally verified as yet, but we will see if they hold up.  Two R's will not be pursued for a recall because the left couldn't get the signatures in time. Their next target  is the Governor who is not eligible for recall until a year in office has passed.

HERE is a short update of the three special  elections and as one digs deeper into he numbers the R's still hold a huge majority in the lower house.  The R's supporters have also been able to place democrat Senators on the special election train of recall as well so there will be ongoing turmoil in the state for a long time.  Walker has also submitted his budget and is holding meetings all over the state to present it to the people and the union thugees are doing their best to pester him.

What I find interesting across the country is the number of R's taking seats from D's in special elections.  Even Massachusetts saw a incumbent democrat lose his seat to a Republican!  I get the feelings the people of the country, in spite of the propaganda by the mainstream media for democrats, have decided the country is at risk of failure and they need to boot the socialists.  This is everywhere across America.  Of course there are many districts, most gerrymandered for the left, that won't change hands.  Pelosi's is a good example.  It is about 80% democrat so she will be there till she croaks.  But maybe we will see a few changes here in California when the Citizen's Committee publishes their recommendations for the district lines.

HERE is another article by a British publication which is actually accurate in the numbers.  It shows as of May 2, 2011, 6 R's and 3 D's are on the recall list then (more now).  Read the article for more historical fact.  Of course, when the July vote takes place its results will hinge on turnout and who turns out.  My guess?  R's will prevail.  The vacation season is going to harm the D's union turnout because they are the only ones who will be on vacation.  The R's are the private sector working folks and they won't be able to get away. Absentee ballots will possibly be huge, and they are usually heavily R.  So, we will keep track of this and other elections across America because the future is moot if the left is in charge.


  1. Americans are waking up the the fact that many of these alleged Democrats are really Communists or Marxists masquerading as Democrats (i.e. They are Commicrats and Marxicrats).

    The Democrat party isn't the party of John F. Kennedy anymore.

    As Ronald Reagan said. "I didn't leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me.

    --John Galt

  2. Imagine the embarrassment or horror Commicrats and Marxicrats feel when confronted with this quote from Democratic President John F. Kennedy:

    And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.--John F. Kennedy

    Clearly this is not a view shared by the Union Leaders in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

    --John Galt


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