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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parents with fat kids should pay higher taxes. Say What?

As I was browsing around the news stories on the Internet tonight, I came across this little ditty HERE, about an Illinois Republican's idea on taxes and obesity. State Senator  Shane Cultra is the fellow whose idea this is and he has yet to put it into a proposed law.  But he has a point.  When fat people can't stop overeating what happens?  They get sick and the same happens to their kids.

Using the liberals way of thinking may have some merit on this issue.  I fought against mandatory helmets for motorcycle riders 20 years ago.  The left and unfortunately, Pete Wilson as well, passed a law and forced the issue on everyone.  Their reason?  When there is an accident, they said the taxpayers had to pick up the bill so that gave them the justification to force the helmets.  Of course, there wasn't really any facts to back that up, but liberals "feel" so they did it anyway.  Same with second hand smoke.  The facts don't support the liberals on the issue but that didn't stop them from banning smoking, even in bars.  There reason was the taxpayers had to pick up the tab when the smoker and the second hand smoker got sick.  Of course there was little proof this was happening as they said, but liberals "feel" so that makes it right. And they taxed the crap out of the cigarettes to pay for their favorite health care program.

I say maybe Shane has turned the tables on liberals.  Liberals are usually the chunky ones and they can't seem to keep their kids out of the fridge, it would interfere with their friendship with their younguns, so they all get sicker than conservatives who are usually thinner.  Conservatives are the workers in our society and have a desire to stay fit and slim.  So, perhaps this would be a way to get back some of that free money liberals seem to get all the time.  Shane says deny the chunky ones from getting the tax breaks because they and their chunky kids are sicker than average and the taxpayers have to pick up the tab.  I say, here is a tax increase I may be able to get behind.


  1. Please see attached animated national obesity map--sure looks like it has a red state tilt to me.

  2. Red states but it is the blue voter that is chubby. Are you a blue voter? There is a connection with a chubby family of liberals and the sale of Twinkies.

  3. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I may be fat Sir, but I can change that with 6 months of diet and exercise; you, however, are stupid, and you will never be able to change that.


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