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Friday, May 13, 2011

Barbara Boxer Chastises John Ensign on Ethics. She must live in a parallel Universe.

Babs is the Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee and had this to say about John Ensign, US Senator, who resigned this month.

“It is a cautionary tale. It shows that our actions, all of them, have consequences,” the panel’s chair Barbara Boxer said in announcing the findings on the Senate floor this afternoon, a highly unusual move.
“When you are in a position of trust and power, don’t abuse it. Don’t misuse it. Because people can get hurt, very very hurt,” she warned."

HERE is the full ABC News story.  When I read this and saw her face on the Senate floor doing her report, I almost spit my food all over the carpet.  I do not endorse Ensign's behavior in the least but when Boxer is the person chastising him I could only think this is like having Libya on the Human Rights Committee of the UN!   She was a big apologist for Clinton when he was having sex with a subordinate in the Oval Office.  She has always supported her party's scofflaws whenever it comes to ethics.  HERE she is on a list of the most corrupt public officials according to Judicial Watch (she is at the top).  So for 21 months Boxer has been pursuing Ensign and yet she is viewed as corrupt by many!  This is what JW said about her when she was supposedly investigating Chris Dodd and Kurt Conrad on their getting special treatment from Countrywide Mortgage.

"However, Boxer failed to mention (or disclose on her official Senate Financial Disclosure documents) that she and her husband have signed no less than seven mortgages with Countrywide! At the time of the hearing, Boxer reportedly indicated she had paid off two Countrywide mortgages, but did not mention the others."

Isn't that special?  But, the reality is, the left is in temporary charge of the Senate and California's liberals and democrats seem to have no problem re-electing this scofflaw as their Senator.  Remember, she was the queen of abuse regarding the House Post Office and Banking  scams back in the early 1990's.  There  is no room for these hypocrites to be in our Senate.  When a Republican is caught being bad, we ask them to resign.  When democrats are caught, they get promoted by their party and voters.  Boxer is the best example of a Senator who accomplishes nothing, puts our country in danger and is simply breathing hot air.  She needs to be defeated but unfortunately for conservatives she is a good fit with the majority leftwingnuts of California. 

2012 is coming soon and I hope the voters in other states give us a Republican Senate and put Babs and her leftwinut compatriots in the minority for a long, long time.

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