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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RL Crabb's AB32 Cartoon is Right On

The  latest cartoon by Crabb in today's Union Newspaper reflects very accurately the problem with AB32 and sadly, the defeat of Prop 23.  California and the Federal EPA are driving America into the ground regarding energy and the hoax of "global warming".

Now we have the USFS adding a "global warming" criteria to their new Management plans as well as California's requirement to add a AGW chapter to all general plans.  The left has sold us all a pig in a poke and it is up to the rational people to take back our country from these leftwingnuts. 

With he threat of Islamo-Fascism, crushing national debt, the demise of the dollar. crime and high unemployment, our state and federal governments are concerned about regulating my exhaled breath.  We have to take our country back and put the adults in charge.  Oil is the reason our country became the greatest in the history of the planet.  Can you imagine traveling from coast to coast without oil products?  How about the delivery of that strawberry from the fields?  Without oil and gasoline, millions of people would freeze to death in the Northeast, millions of others would starve to death and the engines of commerce would be silenced.

I think this is the actual motivation of the eco nuts and their enablers, the liberals.  They view people as a pestilence (except themselves of course) on the planet and would like to see a return to human numbers of the pre-agriculture era.  So, when I see the tragedies of human suffering around he world I think down deep many of the leftwingnut eco extremists are cheering.  Less people, less impact on the planet, that is a documented strategy since Ebenezer Scrooge became the lefts poster child.

So, to get there, they have to control humans and their activities.  Make them dependent on government, run of course by these lovelies. Then they can mandate things like the toilets and light bulbs we use.  The cars we drive must meet the lefts criteria or you will be ostracized as a SUV scofflaw.  In California, the ozone levels of our area come from other areas but they tell us we must cut back on any ozone we release.  This is how they work.  Even down to the little creeks and their watersheds all over America.  When they get done with America, unless we stop them and bring common sense back to our lives, they will become the latest example of the Fascist's our parents and grandparents fought and defeated.

Oh, HERE is the National Energy Policy put together by Dick Cheney in 2001.  The country should have implemented it.


  1. Todd,

    I have posted larger clearer graphic at NCMW, grab a copy and update the graphic so readers can see the words.

  2. Thanks Russ, I didn't know how to fix this one.


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