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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sahara Flatlands Report, Almost Became a Reality

If they hadn't taken me out I was looking forward to my new publication, The Sahara Flatlands Report.  I developed the concept and was fine tuning the format while I was filming myself watching television.  This made it possible for me to concentrate more effectively than if I was actually moving around.  My other "jihadist" pals would send me ideas and we would exchange comments.  Many of the comments were pretty stupid, even for a islamo-fascist group.  I hadn't left my room for five years and one of my four wives would rotate in every fifth day.  I needed one day of rest.  Not bad for a 54 year old guy wouldn't you say?  Well, here is my picture I was going to place on the first edition front page.  This was only hours before I took two for the team.  I never thought those Americans would catch me, I guess I must reevaluate.  Bye Bye now.


  1. Sahara Flatlands Report -- love it!

  2. Awesome analysis. I am with Dixie.

  3. Yeah I think comparing Jeff Pelline's blog and its commentators to a man who killed 3,000 Americans pretty much says it all. What a tool.


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