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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Democrats on the run in Socal?

Congressional 36, long held by the lefty Jane Harmon, is apparently a possible win for a republican named Craig HueyHERE is the article from The Hill. Harmon retired and a special election was called.  Janice Hahn was first.  HERE is a lead in article I found which diagnosed the battle they felt was to be only between Hahn and Debra Bowen, both democrats. There was nary a mention of any Republican in the race.

Here is a description from the LA Weekly Blog about the 36th District.

"Her 36th District stretches from Venice to San Pedro, and leans strongly Democratic. The district is split between working class, pro-labor Democrats in the Harbor area and more affluent, culturally liberal Democrats along the coast. A Bowen vs. Hahn race would pit those constituencies against each other, with Hahn representing the San Pedro Dems and Bowen as the tribune of the beach cities."

 This is the first test of the open primary so we will get to see how it plays out.  Bowen is not conceding her third, and out of contention, finish.  Many think the democrats in charge of elections will find a way to move her up into the runoff.  Hahn is the daughter  of Kenneth Hahn,  the longest serving County Supervisor in California history.  I met him at a CSAC conference back in the 80's.  He was a liberal democrat and his daughter is following in his footsteps.

 The Politico reports the results as follows.

"The unofficial final results from the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office showed Huey ahead of Bowen by 206 votes. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Hahn led the field, winning 24.66 percent of the vote to Huey’s 21.87 percent and Bowen’s 21.48 percent."

HERE is the full Politico article.  Of course the district is heavily democrat, another of those "gerrymandered" back in 2001.  That may change though when the Citizen's Council redraws all the districts this year.  Let us hope that is the case, maybe fairness will return to voting in the cooked goose Golden State.  If the runoff be in July becomes a Republican victory, then maybe, just maybe, California voters will start returning sanity to Sacramento and Congress later on.  We can only hope.


  1. California going ‘R”… sorry but all the facts show that the “R’s” are going down ion California. Do facts matter?

    One just needs to review the demographics and voter registrations in California and listen to the Republican political folks to see that the R's are going down in California and what the future holds. Many “R’s: have been warning the party about this growing trend.

    The largest population growth sectors in California are Hispanic and Asian, both have VERY low "R" voter registration and very low "R" support. By a vast majority these groups are “D’s”.

    The facts, things like voter registration and demographics show the “R’s” are losing and will continue to lose California. This is the future of California so you need to move to another state.

  2. No, unlike you I am a native Californian. I guess Massachusetts didn't happen in your research eh? 15% Republican and Scott Brown won. He is also leading big in the polls there. There is the wild card of democrat self destruction. You should move to Vermont, they are the bastion of the "socialists".

  3. Todd: California has been in control of the Democrats for years and years. Where is it now on the scale of financial success? Near the bottom. What goes around comes around...Debra Bowen losing in Harman's old district is evidence that the liberal strangle hold on California is slipping. The worse off California's fiscal house becomes...the more liberal policies are invalidated. The conservative will come back in California...they are the only rational ones in the state.

  4. Let's see,,, Ca is now the worst state in the union to do business,because the ones running the show want to pile on regulations as fast as they can write them. The ECO nuts are now attacking our food growers. ( a bait fish is more important)and stopping water from going to the fields and let it flow out to sea.
    Now the 2nd amendment is under attack again.
    Even open carry of an unloaded gun is about to be a crime. ( pushed by LIBS )
    Illegal boarder crossers has become "catch and release"
    The grand mandate of power being generated by wind and solar is the best one of all.
    Been to Altamont pass lately? Half of those windmills don't work. ( too expensive to fix)
    Solar? how many hours of the day does the sun shine? Good luck with that when it's overcast for days or weeks at a time. The term "half baked plan" comes to mind.
    Don't forget the "California specials" when it comes to cars, trucks, and heavy equipment.
    The Progressives have done so much damage to the economic climate of this state, but what gets me, is that they are proud of what they have done.
    I don't think they will be happy till everyone is behold'n to the government and slaves to the state.

  5. Walt, how true your litany of some of the resons the golden goose is cooked. My hope is the people will wake up but like the Titanic, when it started tipping on its end, the strong jumped to live while the rest were compressed at the top and died. The maze of laws and rules has suffocated ideas and energy. I am going to go to the Redistricting meeting in Auburn on Thursday for a glimpse of a light of hope.

  6. Sorry Todd, but you are wrong. I was born in Sacramento, California.

  7. Now that was a respectful post, thanks, but, can you prove it? Obama's birth certificate became quite a center of interest and maybe your posting a copy of yours would be in order here. Also, could you post your license for "planner" as well. Inquiring minds wan to know. You can view mine on the CSLB's website, (of course I bet you have done that haven't you?). It lets us all know we have people willing to tell us the truth about their livelihoods.

  8. Well,, I was born here in Ca, I have had to prove that every time I got a job. ( yup,, a common ditch digger) I find it hilarious that I am required to show that document in my line of work, but "people of higher stature" ( in their own minds) feel they are above that requirement.
    OR when someone of questionable residency ( say someone that can't or barely speaks or understands the English language)
    But don't you dare ask about that when it comes time to vote.( or run for office) That is now considered RACIST. ( seen the attacks on me lately?)
    I guess that little part in the Constitution about only U.S. citizens being able to vote in elections needs to be removed. ,,,,right Steve?

  9. Walt.. what the heck are you talking about? Please at least try to stay on track.

    Todd posted his story about the political make up of California and where it might go, I also posted on this subject.

    Then Todd for some unknown reason claimed I'm not a native Californian... sorry not the truth. I was born in Sacramento, I'm 5th generation Californian.

    Why does it matter if me or any other legal American was born in Cali or not? I could care less if you were or not. If not born in Cali you still have the right to be involved in issues here in Cali, it's not only folks born in Cali that have that ability.

    Exit question... where was George Rebane born?

  10. Ha! RR. What a eff'en joke! Did anyone see Steven Frisch clock him on RR? SFrisch - awesome dude!


  11. You need to get your nose out of his you know where.


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