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Friday, April 8, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Turnaround

Well, it looks like the Independent candidate, the sitting judge, Prosser, has now become re-elected.  The vote count on election day was a AP count and not the official elections count and it appears AP has made another major mistake. The vote count was verified by the Chief Elections official and her democrat assistant.  It is explained HERE.

If you want to read the "progressive" viewpoint, go HERE.  The left is apoplectic over this and I have heard they are bringing in the recount experts from Minnesota who were able to steal the election for Al Franken for Senate a couple of years ago.

This attempted defeat of an Independent judge so the left could stack the State Supreme Court with a liberal lackey almost worked.  The American people are getting a up close and personal view of how the left really doesn't care about what is right, they are simply into power.  My guess is the vote will hold up and Governor Walker will see his new law to remove collective bargaining power from the unions.

HERE is a story in the local paper which is very telling.  The press in the Republican dominated county resurrects every item of alleged slime and connections the County Elections Clerk has had to try and spur a investigation (the press are all trained by liberal professors of course).  Where has this happened you ask?  How about here in Nevada County.  The left here screamed the Clerk=Recorder race was non partisan and complained vehemently, even now, that the office should not be politicized.  Yet their brethren in Wisconsin is whining and complaining about the results because it is not in their favor.  Liberals, you just have to laugh, they are such hypocrites.  In our county a "journalist" donates money to a winning candidate and still writes fawning stories about him and attacks the losing candidate as partisan.  That is why no one has any regard for the liberals in the press and rightly so.

Prosser will win, and the unions and their liberal mindbots will be defeated.  The tsunami has begun for 2012.


  1. My understanding is that the Democtrats and the Unions spent over $3 million dollars on this race (even while the candidates themselves agreed to a spending limit of around $300,000.)

    I think the Democrats are going to be losing a lot of money for the next two years.

    Let's hope that for the next Clerk/Recorder election, the GOP doesn't fall for the non-partisan trick again.

    --John Galt

  2. I agree with that. Apparently the previous democrat Governor and Legislature in Wisconsin passed the law limiting the campaign money by the candidates to 3ook. They thought that would open the door for unlimited union money which it did.


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