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Friday, April 29, 2011

Leftwingnuts are so funny but also Dopey.

I get a note from the designated overseer of leftwingnut blogger tripe once in a while when he runs across comments or threads containing our names or references to us.  I have to say I get a kick out the liberal wing of the liberal wing's creativity. I guess when these LWN's say something about us it must be true.  Yikes!  Where do they find this information about our political and personal leanings and beliefs? 

Having been in public office and having run CABPRO and then run for other state and local offices, I thought I heard all the slurs and references and personal attacks one could possible hear.  Alas, the LWN's keep it coming.  Why?  I can only imagine they are afraid of me and the others who are trying to bring America back from the cuddling of their ilk.  They are truly terrified of people with common sense and the ability to convince others to follow their ways of logic.  So, they go the regular LWN track and call us racists, bigots, rich or hypocrites, or whatever dejour they make up that day.  I must say they are creative.

Whether it is me, the conservative local bloggers, the Tea Party, Mark Meckler, CABPRO, Paul Ryan, Rush or FOX News, the LWN mantra is always the same.  They can't debate anything they just namecall.  Then when confronted, they deny they do the things they claim others are doing.  They claim they are the arbiters of nice and we are all just a bunch of rubes and hayseeds living in a white bread community of out of touch people.  OK, so why do they move here, these PC LWN's?

The LWN's of America, of which our local branch is a fine example, are simply hypocrites.  They take advantage of the hard work and dedication of conservative people and then complain.  The doers of society are getting tired of them though.  These self proclaimed PC enforcing LWN's are on their way to dinosaurville.  Americans of good will have seen the destruction these people have done to all aspects of our country.  They have driven our education system into the ground, bankrupted every level of government and made everyone a victim.  Well, the local LWN's are just the local footsoldiers for the destructive agenda.  When I read the nuts who post on the LWN blogs I simply laugh.  I have been called more creative names by 12 year olds at family gatherings. LOL. 

The unfortunate part of the destructive attitudes by the nuts on the left will take a couple of more election cycles to fix.  Even California will get fixed but it might take a bit longer.  Hope springs eternal.

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