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Monday, April 4, 2011

Democrats and their AP-Dem reporters are such an embarassment

I was reading their AP-Democrat story this morning in the Grass Valley Union about the state budget woes and I just had to laugh.  Whenever there is a doubt about the veracity of the AP, one only needs to read their stories to see the SOP of how they report democrat failure.  It is always the Republicans fault!  Of course these "reporters" are committing journalistic mal-practice, but unfortunately, there seems to never be a consequence for their crummy reporting.

I once had someone tell me about these reporters and their built in love of promoting the democrats and dissing Republicans.  I was discussing the bias from the left I could read in almost every article, and it was at all levels of the media.  From the local paper and radio to the AP and NBC etal's of the national media.  This person said, "what do expect, they are all taught in liberal arts colleges by the same textbooks and same political bent professors".  Well, that put it into perspective and I became less inflamed because how could one stay mad at the poor indoctrinated reporters?

The Union  had a AP story by a Juliet Williams which, after all her tears, I saw nothing has changed in the AP reporting techniques.  The story was on the state budget and how the poor old democrats, those democrats who have a 77-42 elected's advantage in the legislature, a total hegemony of all statewide offices and both US Senate seats, a large majority of Congressmen and most every other appointed seat of power, are being abused by the little minority of Republicans!  I must say I read the article and felt so sorry for the democrats I almost sent them a crying towel to help ease their pain. 

When I read the story it appeared to me the "reporter" was conveying to the readers a desire for the democrats to find a way to disregard those pesty Republicans so the democrats could simply raise our taxes and fees without interference.  The story says Darrell Steinberg admonished those minority Republicans for their demands because they were out of proportion with their representative numbers in the government! Then as you continue reading you simply want to tear up because those poor democrats are being stopped from doing their tax raising deeds!  After a while you get to the final paragraph f the story and lo and behold you get a Republican quoted response!

So here I am simply saying the AP should just stop the ruse and admit they are simply the stenographers for the democrats.  The Republicans lost their leverage at the budget battles because the people of California removed the 22/3rd'a requirement.  The people however are not totally stupid and they passed Prop 26.  The democrats can't pass taxes and fees without a 2/3rs's vote!  Ah shucks, the freeway to steamroll our pocketbooks by the left has been blocked.  The AP of course writes to make us think the "demands" of the Republicans are too terrible to even list since that would cause Californians a glimpse at Medusa's head. 

Well, since the democrats have not produced an on time budget for almost twenty years, you would think that might be reportable.  Nope.  The AP simply goes to the leftwing journalist playbook of stories to blame those Republicans for all that is bad.  If the democrats would actually be honorable and let the Republicans into the budget room, maybe I would be more hopeful of this.  But since NO proposals by Republicans are allowed, let alone included into the budget, I say the left is getting what they deserve.  It is just a sad state of affairs the people of the state never get an above the fold, first paragraph story of this budget battle, or any issue for that matter.  If the AP would ever report the democrats are the one's who fail every time to compromise, I think I would pass out.

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