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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slimy Democrats go after Scott Brown's Family and their Medical Records

With only 10 of their 33 US Senators up for re-election in 2012  being Republicans, the slime machine of dirty politics, the Democrat Party, has decided even Scott Brown's children's medical records are fair game.  Brown is the long shot candidate who came out of nowhere to take the Senate seat held by Teddy Kennedy for so many years.  Brown played fair in his campaign but that doesn't matter to the Harry Reid led Senate democrats.  If they need to trash Brown's wife and kids, they will do it.

HERE is the latest article on the democrat slime machine's attempt to win a precious Senate seat back from the upstart.

Isn't it SOP for democrats to say one thing and do another?  Yes, they are always whining and complaining when they are caught telling their truth and the public gets to see and read what a bunch of scofflaws they are.  When exposed for telling their truth the democrats cry "dirty politics"!  Over and over again.  Well, hopefully the people of Massachusetts and the rest of the country will dismiss this slimy attempt to trash a good man and his family.  I would just love to see Brown demolish the democrats in 2012.  With 23 democrats up for re-election then as well, many vulnerable, perhaps the Republicans can take back the US Senate and put adults back in charge.  


  1. Not a surprise here; they have a different moral code - there are no absolutes.

  2. I'm not surprised either. These are Marxist and Communisits (They are the real "extremist") pretending to be Democrats.

    Digging into Scott Brown's family records is an extreme political tact.

    It's win at any cost for them.

    --John Galt.


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