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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wisconsin voters picking a Supreme Court Justice today

The second volley of the public sector unions of Wisconsin will play out today.  The state is voting on a Supreme Court position and quite a few county positions as well.  The reason I find this day so interesting is I am hopeful the people of Wisconsin will reject the slimy unions and return the power of the government to the people.  HERE is a Breitbart article which sums up the consequences of the vote there today.

The big race there is union-backed Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg who is trying to unseat incumbent Republican David Prosser.  Why you may ask?  Because the Tammany Hall style ruling by a leftist Judge , Union political operative Maryann Sumi has put it there.  How a Judge can interfere with the other branch of governments internal rules is beyond me.  It would be like the Legislature trying to tell the Supreme Court how to do their internal rules.  We will have chaos if this woman's bogus ruling is allowed to stand.  And that is the reason the Supreme Court race has such significance to the the issue.  A 4-3 perceived tilt to the right on the Court would take a 180 degree turn and Sumi's judicial order is likely upheld by the Union lackey's on the court. 

HERE is another article in Human Events which gives us a further inner view of the potential trashing of the rights of the taxpayer by these activist judges and their Union thug bosses.  America is under siege, the people and their pocketbooks are being picked and the picking is happening as we watch them do it!  This Union activity is UNAmerican and anti taxpayer/capitalist.   Hopefully the people of Wisconsin will see through the union ruse and put Judge Prosser back on the bench. 

When all is said and done, the democrats of Wisconsin should be ashamed of themselves for being so foolish.  Their Senators bolted the state for three weeks to deny a law to be voted on.  If there is no consequence for their actions I would say then the state is no better than some third world dictatorship.  The Sudan can then become the poster child of good democracy in Wisconsin if the people don't stop this kind of behaviour.  But, alas, the people get the government they deserve and we here in California are no different in many ways.  The unions pay huge sums of money into politicians coffers who then pass laws to give them more money.  A viscous cycle which the voters have kept in place.

So, my hope is this.  Please take back your state people of Wisconsin.  Let the adults take charge and fix the mess.  If you don't, you may be an asterisk in the history of our country.

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