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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Budget Shenanigans, Federal Spending Out of Control

This won't take long to get my opinion out on the joke on the American people foisted on us last week.  The drumbeat of a looming government shutdown, (now described as a partial shutdown) was so scary the world would barely survive if it took place.  My oh my.

The news outlets were doing a 24/7 hysterical analysis of who would win, who would be doomed to the dungeon of losers and of course, how Obama would look good regardless of the outcome.  Well, the post doom stories are no surprise to me.  HERE is one ridiculous news story. You see, actually nothing happened of any any significance to the nations budget deficit yet we are supposed to think otherwise.  The media whose job should be to give us the facts were AWOL.  They were nlyo concerned with who they think are the winners and losers.  Oh those terrible republicans are throwing granny under the bus while those compassionate democrats and their leader Barack Hussein Obama, um, um ,um, were trying to maintain the assault on compassion.

The whole thing is a sham.  The country is at total risk, the dollar is becoming worthless and oil and gas prices have skyrocketed and are wiping out the food money of the middle class.  Yet, the press and the politicians are embroiled in a who's the winner mentality!  There is no winner.  America is being Madoffed and we are supposed to just take it. 

As far as I am concerned America can take it if the budget gets balanced.  The credit card is way overdrawn and we need to stop spending.  Republicans have tried to do the right thing but it still is not enough.  I know they know they will be portrayed as mean spirited Cretans by the press.  Just look at this 38 billion dollar set of cuts.  The democrats and the press cry a river the world is coming to an end because of them.  Well, the whole country will be toast if we don't get our finances repaired and repaired now.  There is over two trillion dollars coming into the federal coffers every year, that is an amazing amount of money.  I remember when I first starting paying attention in the early 60's to the budget and it was something like 100 billion.  HERE is Lyndon Johnson's budget in 1964.

So now the federal budget is 30 times larger than when I was 14 and the population is maybe only doubled.  It is the spending wouldn't you think?  California is in the same mess.  The American people have done their job, we have sent them trillions of bucks every year yet the politicians spend it and more.  They are a bottomless pit of spending.  The only answer is let it shut down for a while.  Keep the military and other safety departments going but stop the bleeding.  The politicians crow about saving 38 billion dollars while amassing 238 billion in debt in one month!  Are we insane?

So, I urge a balanced budget now.  We can deal with the pain.  America is at risk of dissolving for goodness sakes yet all the press and the politicians can do is see who "won" the stupid little exercise last week.

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  1. "Balanced" budget is a start, but it's no longer enough.

    If we don't cut federal spending significantly, we'll have to cut a lot more than just NPR and Planned Parenthood just to afford the interest on this debt.

    For those readers who are concerned about sustainable living or sustainable forests---how about extending that to sustainable government or a sustainable economy.

    Can't you see that the current spending is not sustainable?

    -- John Galt


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