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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pajamas at the Nevada City Council Meeting Regarding the Homeless

Just before I went to bed last night I flipped the channel to number 17, the local one.  I was watching the hearing of the Nevada City Council and they were taking testimony from citizens about the Veterans Building and its use for a homeless person's place to get a meal and some heat.  I guess this meeting was before the last big snowstorm.

Well, I saw some of the same folks I used to listen too when I was a County Supervisor, but that ended peacefully 20 years ago!  What struck me was the couple of lefty's who used to be so concerned about their neighbors property and business, of course then they wanted to deny their neighbors their rights, but now these same "activists" want to boot the homeless folks from their downtown.  I was chuckling all through their testimony.

The only people that I saw making any sense were George and Christine Foster.  They are common sense people and if the Council listens to them they could probably solve most of the city's problems.  Also, the woman who has a daycare next to the Vets building testified and I feel she had a very strong case for seeing the homeless meeting place moved.  She has to endure bad language, mostly from women she said.  The rest of the neighbors said they were managing to deal with the increased loitering and noise but could the Council find an alternate site?  How about the old Juvenile Hall?

Anyway, towards the end of the public testimony a rather large fellow came to the microphone.  He was wearing what appeared to be pajamas under a top coat!  He introduced himself as Jeff Pelline!  Wow, I only met him once for a few seconds in Jeff Ackerman's office and he sure seemed a lot smaller in girth then.  Anyway, this fellow offered to open his home to these homless folks and I must say, bravo!  It is not everyday a person says to these homeless people to come over to my place and I will provide you a bed, food and shelter!  So, I tip my hat to the offer but I am interested to know how many homelesss took him up on the offer?  There was even some humor from the Mayor after Mr. Pelline made his offer to  the homeless.  Mr. Bergman mentioned that perhape Mr. Pelline could also use the large sailboat in his driveway as sleeping quarters as well.  There was a chuckle from the audience.


  1. Would dearly like a follow-up on Pelline's generous offer. Did anyone take it seriously enough to take the next serious step toward implementation? If not, then clearly it was judged by the city council, and even Mr Pelline himself, to be a gratuitous grandstand. Else, my hat is off to him.

  2. I wore PJ's to class a couple times, but not to a public meeting. Thanks for the heads up.


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