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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Regular Pelline Blogging Buddy, Full of Hate Kate?

Having been alerted to another leftwing blogger on a anti conservative, anti Tea Party rant, I thought I would check it out.  It turns out to be someone named Kate Hancock, apparently a prolific poster on the Pelline leftwing blog, Sierra something something.  Since many of us refuse to post there because the blog is usually a hate filled liberal garbage heap, it appears the dregs of liberalism are all he can attract.  Here is the typical leftwing crap posted on the hate site. This is by Kate Hancock and is a cut and paste by me.

"kate hancock
Pathetic, grasping, sputtering hater on Rebane’s blog. Shame on defending the greedily indefensible. How about this Rebane? BIIIIGGGG Tea Wingers Convention set and billed in the infamous pain clinic “doctor”criminal, flag-waving, oxycontin whoring, backwoods, hillbilly Florida, (run by a convicted, plead out insurance ho Scott) had 25 bigtop tea speakers including Hannicle and Regrettable, Joseph Farrah, “Judge” Joe Napolitano and many more jack booted circus freaks from F News and only 300…um, yes, ONLY a wittle bitty 300 tea whackos showed. Your “message”, shilling for corporations and foaming for multi level marketing teatards and their “get rich off the working class schemes” is getting heard LOUD and CLEAR from regular, sane hard working folks and their message is, George: No Sale, Return, Exchange, Bad Juju…wrong answer. If that makes them progressive, and me progressive I thank God Almighty and the leprachaun from Lucky Stars for it…and Rebane, as a heavenly bonus your Arab royal rip-off artists in Tunisia and Egypt, and torturing, murderous dictators, see: Libya, that threw their own people over for dirty money are flamin out in a major way…P. Diddys video “Angels” captures the moment perfectly…the men and women of hip-hop got to live this crap long before we ever got to see it from the likes of Rebanes Blog…Kate"

Wow, are these people the same ones that complain about a conservative saying "illegal immigrant"?  Yep, so you all decide if the trash over there is worth your time.


  1. Now I know why they consider themselves "purple". It's not the blending of blue and red, i's the color of their skin produced by their hate filled rage.

    Interestingly, they're losing audience over it. Women in particular are turned off by the edginess, the angst, the sniping. It's unhealthy reading.

    --John Galt

  2. Reading this Kate rant makes me think that she may have dropped her meds on the floor and the dog or cat ate them before she could pick them up. Either that, or she has been drinking too much Long Island Ice Tea. These eastern ice teas can do things to a really imbalanced person, especially if you drink way too much on a snowy afternoon. This seems to have been a really bad afternoon for Kate, she may have dropped her pills and then hit the ice tea. We will never know the truth, as we only have her rant as evidence of her mental state.

  3. Russ, you may be right. What I find interesting is Pelline and Frisch and Enos wail about attacks all the time yet the true nasty attacks come from them and their ilk like Hancock.. Pelline banishes Barry because he disagrees with him on policy yet allows these loony tunes to post. Pelline has about six to eight that post consistently it appears so I would say he has low numbers. He is probably allowing these nuts to post their hate filled spews to in a weird way bring up his numbers. I think it is backfiring.

  4. I think it's time for the secret witness program to end.

    Who is John Galt?

    Who is Woodsy?

    Who is Gloria Zane?

    Who is papertiger?

    Enquiring minds would like to know...

  5. I'll wager Kate's not really a Kate but a guy well known for venting his spleen disguised by several pseudonyms. Hard to hide behind a thesaurus spewing those same old radical progressive views. The energy and verbosity of the rants are a dead give away.

  6. You may be right. Why would he always use a woman's nam though? Gender confusion issues?


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