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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Florida Beauty Queen Shoots, Kills, Intruder

Meghan Brown, 25, defended her castle and the ex con who tried to upset that is now a dead ex con.  This story caught my eye because the leftwingers and anti-2nd Amendment types are constantly telling us this kind of thing is in our imagination. Well, I guess not. HERE is the story and I must say, this little 110 pound girl makes me proud.  There are still a lot of people like her and I say, beware you lawbreakers, there are many new Sheriff's in town!

Here is the beauty queen and her fiancee.

 Courtesy FOX NEWS


  1. This is a good example why I support our rights to own firearms.

    Todd calls be a "leftwinger", but I and many other "leftwinger's" I know are strong supporters of our 2nd Amendment rights to have firearms.

  2. What caught my attention was her boy friend bought the 38 pistol and took her to the range to learn how to shoot it. He said she was not that good a shot on the range, but did just find under pressure. This is a case where practice makes perfect. Ellen and I have been spending time on the range and we took a marksmanship course at the Range. We are both excellent shots. The lesson here, if you buy your wife or girl friend a gun make sure she knows how to shoot it and practices on a regular basis.

  3. My wife likes to target shoot. She's more accurate than I. Women typically have excellent trigger control which greatly helps with accuracy.

    Laser sights help too.

  4. I advise not using laser sights for home defense and personal protection/carry handguns.


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