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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

B and B Fiasco is Just the Latest Example of How Nutty "Rules" Have Become

We are in a national crisis, a state crisis and a local crisis.  All levels of government are failing and the only solution those that created this mess have are more rules!

I think most of the left in our country, many of whom were the hippies and Weather Underground types of the 60's, have proven they are failures in life and governance.  They brought mind altering drugs into the lives of many people and that hallucinatory mindset has really made a mess of the greatest place in the history of the planet.  The left has turned our country and states into a nanny state.  These self described liberals who gained power because the trusting American voter allowed themselves to be bamboozled too many times by the lies and promises of liberals and democrats.

This morning there is an editorial by Jeff Ackerman, Editor of out Grass Valley Union, which pointed out the ridiculousness of the rules and the lack of guts by the Nevada City Council to accommodate a business.  A benign business really.  One that would house travelers in the town who would probably eat at local restaurants and spend money in the tourist oriented shops.  It was too complex a issue for the collectives minds of our leaders to solve, so they say nope.

This is the ultimate outcome of the nanny state and the interjection of special interests.  I would say the first question out of the mouths of our cash strapped jurisdictions should be "how can we make this happen today"?  But what we get are, please (if they even say please anymore) fill out this paperwork pay your fee and we will decide if we want to hear it at the public meeting after it has been ripped apart by staff.  Yep, there it is, simple as that.  America all the way down to the special districts wants you to pay the fee, fill out the paperwork, have staff rip your idea to shreds, and allow people to wreck your character at public meetings then turn you down.  It is any wonder the country of business has sent it's business to places that want them?

It matters not what the type of business is either.  In California we have laws which allow a person with a postage stamp to hold up and stop anything.  Why would we do that?  I would suggest the people need to read Mr. Ackerman's column again and read  it with an open mind.  If you have never tried to create a business you may not get his drift but you should then try to learn.  We can no longer place moratoriums on B and B's, oil drilling and highway construction etal.  America, if we are going to survive, we need to pare down the "rules" and get rid of the nanny state thinkers from government.

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  1. Amen Todd. It will change. My generation will see to it. Many of my friends (Democrat and Republican) have expressed disgust at the liberals in control today and the absence of common sense.

    Everything liberals touch turns into a fustercluck.



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