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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reminincing 2010

2010 was quite a year. I turned 60 this year and I still learned a whole bunch of new stuff an made a lot of new friends!

On New Years Eve 2009, returning at 2am from a church dance in Roseville, my little lady and I saw a girl walking along the road on Banner.  We immediately pulled over and asked her if she needed a ride.  She appeared upset but after a minute she said yes.  We ended up driving her way past Penn Valley to a house she shared with others and we learned she was fighting with her boyfriend and he dumped her on the side of the road.  Well, we felt relieved the girl would be OK and not a target for some nut while hitching.  We got home by three AM.  The beginning of 2010 started early.

In February I was assaulted and ended up in the hospital and I am still trying to recover from a broken back.  The LORD kept me from being paralysed and I am so grateful.  My family and friends and especially my honey, came though to help me recover.  My daughter and I spent a lot of time talking as she came up from the Bay Area to look after me.  It was wonderful to reconnect and even though I was on some heavy medication I remember most of our conversations.

I used my down time to acquaint myself with blogging.  I have used computers since about 1985 when I purchased a Tandy 1000 with two floppies.  I have liked tech stuff since I built a crystal radio in Mr. Armitage's electronics class on the 7th grade.  Anyway, wanted to start blogging so I could keep myself occupied while I recovered.  It has been fun and I have made more friends than I ever imagined.  I also have seen the dark side of blogging as nutty liberals come on and attack me and my friends.  I think those people have a screw loose.

Being a political junkie I was very involved i helping and promoting conservatives at all levels of the government.  Though I am not a Tea Party member, I agree with their goals and have promoted them and their agenda.  The local leftwingnuts did their best to disparage the Mecklers but everyone rejected the liberals and supported our local TPP representative.  Liberals are nasty little people and used every scurrilous slight to undermine the TPP.  Well, people like Steve Enos, Jeff Pelline, Steve Frisch and Sharon Rose were not successful.  The community rejected their negativity and went for real rational ideas and policies. The TPP did well here and nationally.

National elections were also historic.  63 new Congressional Republicans, seven new Senators and many State Houses and Governors went Republican.  November 2, 2010 was a wipe out of liberals and democrats.  California however was a severe disappointment.  Statewide no state or federal politician lost.  This was the greatest evidence showing the proven affects of gerrymandering.  Hopefully our Citizen's Committee will create competitive districts this coming year.

My fiance's little granddaughter is alive and well now.  Two weeks after her birth, which I attended in Reno, she was diagnosed with a defective heart.  She was flown to Las Vegas and operated on at their Children's Hospital.  They fixed her little heart in a miracle of modern medicine and today, at nine months she is a normal little baby. 

Of course I almost forgot, yes, I got engaged to Ramona on Labor Day Weekend.  We plan to marry next Labor Day weekend.  I have been a single fellow for 10 years and she for 25.  We are kindred spirits.  We met on line and it saved us both a lot of money because we didn't have to go out trying to meet. LOL.  Anyway, she is a wonderful girl, beautiful and lively.  She is a hiker and we have done a few.  It will be a while before I can think of a hike as a pleasure, but I am trying.

While I have been recovering I put my Contractor's license on inactive.  It was a shock when I paid my $300 to renew it to find out that the insurance for the bond went from $160 to $1200 in one year!  This increase to a California required bond (which I have never called upon in 33 years) is simply another reason our State is a mess.  The bond companies are colluding price and they know it is a government mandate so they can get away with it.  This is how the thieves of government think when most of the construction industry is gone.

I have been lucky this year that I have not lost an immediate family member to the LORD.  My mother is still going strong at almost 82.  My five siblings are still here and my kids and grandkids are all doing fine and are employed!  I miss Aunt Pearl who passed away and my friend Mel Brown.

2011 is coming up in a few hours and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may you all be recipients of the LORD's grace.


  1. And a healthy and prosperous 2011 to you and yours Todd.

  2. Thanks George. Keep getting the truth out and reminding people about freedom.

  3. Thanks for the mention, but Aren't you Reminincing 2010?
    -Jeff P.

  4. Seeing if anyone was paying attention. LOL


    They seldom use their turn signal

    They sit in the very crowded post office parking lot reading their mail (both GV & NC)

    They seldom yield at 4-way intersections

    They leave their car at the gas pump to shop for a dozen items in the mini-mart

    They dry their car while still parked in the wash stall, even when people are waiting

    How do I know these things? All the violators have "Obama" bumper stickers

  6. Todd,

    I hope that 2011 is your best year yet for you and your family and friends. I am please you have decided to join blog-o-sphere, and are sharing your thoughts and views. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks Russ, I am still learning about the blogosphere and it is soooo much fun! I hope you are you lovely wife have a great New Year too. 2011 will be great!


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