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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hope and Happiness? Tough to Do But Very Possible

2011.  Wow, we made it!  Only one more year to total destruction of the planet!  Yep, the Mayans figured this out a few thousand years ago and the numerologists have confirmed it.  Earth will be kaput on December 21, 2012!  Or will it?   Not being superstitious I can't agree but it does provide us all with a lot to talk about.  Why would anyone believe a bunch of  witch doctors who yanked out the living hearts of captured warriors and resident virgins?  No, not me.  I think earth will be around for a lot longer unless we get smacked by a big asteroid. 

Does anyone watch those dire Armageddon programs on the Science Channel?  I started too then turned to a comedy channel where I could get some laughs.  Why would we be interested in  programs about the demise of us and the planet?  Doom and gloom is right in our faces everyday and it takes a lot of  willpower on a normal basis to stay happy.  Watching  "Earth "After Humans" is not what seems a morale booster to me.

Other than California, (which has lost its collective mind), America has decided it doesn't like socialism and it threw out the democrat majority in the House of Representatives.  It looks to me like 2012 could be the Republicans taking back the Senate as well.  And a slight glimmer here in California is the Citizen's Committee on Redistricting.  Maybe we will have a return to competitive districts again.  The democrat stranglehold on our state for the last fifty years  may be in jeopardy.  I can hope can't I?

Our state is a leader in America of some real bad things.  Highest unemployment, job and business flight to other states, budget deficits, high taxes, home foreclosures and crummy education results for our  high spending per pupil.  What has happened to us?  Well, about 800 new laws are now in effect as of January 1, 2011!  We just can't seem to get enough laws can we?  The politicians think the measure of their success is how many laws they pass.  That is the exact opposite of my philosophy.  I thought they were there to take our tax money and fix roads, keep us safe and help those that can't help themselves.  What we get is the redistribution of our money to the politicians friends.  Our gas tax, recycling money and fees seem to get into the hands and pockets of the the labor unions and the "politically correct" businesses" mainly green.  The rest of the people get fleeced.

But hope springs eternal.  I have survived a tough year of physical challenges but out of them came silver linings.  Yes, many people will have challenges which will test them and some will fail but many will succeed.  Americans bounce back, they always have, and we all will become stronger.  I am optimistic that the earth will survive past December 21, 2012 and that America, California and all of its people will show everyone else on the planet why we are Americans. We are the greatest place ever seen on mother earth. Even with a slight detour, we will get back on track.


  1. Tood, I certainly hope you are correct. I'm not quite that positive. When you look at the trends as a whole, it is difficult to see any substancial improvement coming our way.

  2. Mike, we need to stay as positive as possible. It can be infectious.

  3. I'm trying buddy but heck, the birds are falling out of the sky and the fish are dying off!


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