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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I enjoy reading articles from around the planet because it gives me a perspective I would miss if I only read American writers.  I ran across this one in the old communist mouthpiece and it really cracked me up.  Pravda has decided the freest country on earth is not going to last much longer and they have listed many reasons why.  The article is HERE.

They even blame FOX News and Christians for the demise of the USA! The Pravda story uses much of its opinion on another article by a ex-American names Lance Freeman.  I guess Lance must be a liberal since he seems to be such a sourpuss.  His article is HERE.  His view reflects socialism and his examples of success resemble the democrat party policies and leftwing desires of a government run life.

What struck me is how negative these stories are.  They cherry pick every negative part of life and made it the basis of the premise of America.  I looked in vain for anything positive but it wasn't to be found.  America has its problems but we try to fix them.  I was looking to see why they didn't compare the numbers of people trying to get into all the different countries they say are better  but that was missing too.  I guess the millions of people voting with their feet are not a viable reason of America's success.  Why do all those folks leaving Russia, Ukraine, Latin America and most other countries of the planet to come here?  Could it be freedom?  Could it be a Constitution we all agree on?  No, these foreign and  expatriate naysayers think because we don't have single payer medical it make us less wonderful than say, Zimbabwe or India.  The people of Kosovo are better off than we slobbering freedom loving Americans.

Yes, we have problems, we have problems just maybe different one's than Romania or Sri Lanka, but people from those places still want to come here.  They want to come here because no matter how much a mess we are they know they can experience freedom.  Though we have detoured from some of the basics we Americans have taken for granted, we will right the ship and get back on course (elections have consequences here).  Who would suggest, other than socialist's and communists, that living under a PC set of rules and unyielding orthodoxy of the old world is better?

We have created a place where opportunity to excel in a go-for-broke country of personal freedom and property rights is the norm rather than the exception.  Yes we have problems but America, that grand experiment in individual importance is still the exception.  We will bounce back and once again set the example for the planet that one person is important and worth protecting. That one person is not simply cannon fodder for tyrants.  One person is God's child. America is not what these naysayers say it is.



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