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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pro Homosexual Marriage Judges on Iowa Supreme Court Booted.

Democrat Iowa sent three judges packing after they came to the voters yesterday for confirmation.  The three could not garner the 50% plus one votes  needed to stay and will relinquish their seats December 31, 2010. You can read the story here.

Iowa Judges shocked the country when they voted to say a ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional.  This led to many people being outraged that judges were making law which is reserved for the legislature.  It reminds me of the Bird court here in California when the people sent her and a couple of other judges packing because they would not enforce the death penalty.  It is a good process to review these judges since they seem to be thwarting the voters all over the country.  The tyranny of the black robes has to end.  The Founders of the country never envisioned a judge making law and it is my view that we must reset the alignment of government back to the intent of the Founders and away from the judicial branch.


  1. Nice tidbit! No more judicial activism in Iowa.

  2. Unfortunately, gay marriage will be out of Iowa's hands as soon as Perry v. Schwarzenegger passes through Ninth Appellate to the Supreme Court. I have a KVMR commentary and related post on this Friday. This is a culture war on steroids.

  3. Oh sure George..... I love it when you guys sit there and try to justify descrimination.

    This is nothing more than that, and god willing he will stop this!

    AJ Ribee
    Browns Valley, CA

  4. Poor Todd.

    EJ de Mira

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