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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Left Wing Blog Still Has It Wrong!

Reading the left wing blog regarding the election shows why the so-called "journalist's make lousy forecasters and analysts of political races and outcomes.  Barry Pruett's blog has called the outcomes correctly and identifies Nevada County as a conservative county.  Almost all the results prove we are still a heavily conservative county. 

The liberals at the SFR believe that  the CABPRO support of Dai Meagher cost him the election, yet Pelline fails to report that the NCDCC endorsed Dai, twice, and that Vernon is a republican.  Now, why would he do that?  Answer, to do the usual biased reporting we always get from the lamestream media, that is my opinion.  Thank goodness we still have a conservative county.


  1. Details, details. Vernon was a Democrat longer than she was a Republican, and the NCDCC was very split in endorsing him. CABPRO at least owes Dai lunch as a "thanks for nothing" gesture!

  2. Your blog is wrong and you know it. You were defeated handily in all your assumptions and we were off on a couple. Regarding Vernon, she is a registered republican and you can try and spin that but it is always very heartening when a democrat crosses over from the dark side and becomes a republican. I register a lot of people coming over from the democrats over the years and when they stopped listening to the propaganda on the left, they flocked to us.

  3. Todd,
    Are you talking to "ghosts." I always sign my name. LOL.
    -Jeff Pelline

  4. Todd,

    Do NOT think for one half of a second that the Democrats went over to CABPRO!!!!!

    The Democrats endorsed Dai Meagher because he was the MOST QUALIFIED. NOT because he also sought an endorsement from CABPRO.

    Are you really this thick, or are you just delusional? Both?

    EJ de Mira

  5. I have no idea what you are yapping about. Why don't you try again, this time without the insults.

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  7. Todd: Pelline posts on my blog all of the time without his name. Don't let him fool you. LOL. Now our liberal blogger is crowing that McClintock did not win Truckee. Next election, Pelline will set the bar at winning every precinct. So much for Nevada County being "purple." If you are not conservative, you cannot win a partisan race in Nevada County.

  8. Can someone explain the braggadocio in FUE's headline 'Enos 4, CABPRO 1'?


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