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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama, The Boy Who Runs Like a Duck!

The New York Times reporter Norimitsu Onishi's article of November 8, 2010 had this gem in a smarmy story of Obama's homecoming to Jakarta, Indonesia.  " While the residents regarded Mr. Obama’s mother as a “free spirit,” Barry, who was chubby, was referred to as the “boy who runs like a duck,” said Mrs. Satjakoesoemah, 69."  What a hoot!

The reporter downplayed to an almost non-existent measure, the fact his school was a Muslim school, I found the story revealing regardless.  The author does disparage those Americans who said they believed the school was a madrasa while not telling the reader what was actually taught, religious-wise, at the school.  The fact Obama lived in a poor neighborhood but went to the most prestigious school was also not explained.  Overall, a typical fluff piece by the NYT for their favorite liberal/socialist.  I for one would have been more interested in what was actually taught at the school and who his mother's and stepfathers friends and associates were.  But that would take a little more effort and the press is pretty lazy, so we get fluff.  The full article is here.


  1. I would think that there is plenty to criticize about the president without stooping to repeating the taunts of his childhood peers. This again demonstrates a lack of class, Todd.

  2. BTW Kesti, your insults about class or lack thereof speaks a lot about yourself.

  3. "Say what? This was in the NYT."

    The NYT reported a story that included an example of the cruelty that children often exhibit toward others. You added your opinion that the story is a "gem" and a "hoot" which reduced yourself to the level of a cruel child. Few, I think, would find this classy.

    "BTW Kesti, your insults about class or lack thereof speaks a lot about yourself."

    Thank you.

  4. I guess the story went right over your head. The NYT story was not about kids cruelty to each other. You totally missed that point.

    BTW, my class level is above self righteous finger pointers such as yourself.


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