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Monday, November 8, 2010


Well how did she do?  As reported from many sources, she did quite well thank you very much.  The Daily Beast says "Palin will point to a positive win-loss record—49 of her 77 candidates triumphed,"
 this is a 64% return on investment. She supported some that lost but politics is uncertain at best.  Nationally, she is a force, pretty good for the girl from Wasilla.

The critics in the press, the same ones who skewered her every day when she was the VP candidate, just can't contain themselves in their constant derision of this successful woman.  If she had won 100% of  the races they would still find some crap to denounce her success.  The people writing against her are simply jealous, I have met and seen these types of trolls all my life.  The people writing her story were the losers from the playground (usually dope smokers behind the backstop) who then decided to get even with the quarterback and the cheerleaders.  They have never grown up, mentally that is, and they are all cut from the same cloth.  Except for a few on the right, the liberal is always jealous of success.

Sarah Palin is a positive force, she wants the country to succeed and all the individuals to also make it here.  What is wrong with success?  Nothing of course, but those that espouse the tenets of our Forefathers are somehow out of touch when a liberal looks at them.  Well, all I can say to the left is this.  I hope you don't wise up because the nastier you are with Sarah and the rest of the right the more you marginalize yourselves with the American people.  The people are much less critical than "journalists" and believe me, "journalists" are way down at the bottom, along with lawyers and car salesmen (forgive me please lawyers and car salesmen) on the list of most admired.  Journalist are mostly thought of as noise makers with no substance.  They did it to themselves, and like movie critics, these journalists cause people to do the opposite of what they are recommending.  The elections of November 2010 proved it.


  1. Sarah Palin has a better chance of catching fish on her new show then she does of even getting nominated for President in 2012!

    Why would the RNC be that stupid? Do they want Obama to walk away with this election as he will do that if they put her up!

    David Whitmore
    Auburn, CA

  2. Primaries are funny things. Nixon was a goner yet won in 1968 after being sent to the hinterlands. Many politicians win who were on the ropes. Look at Harry Reid. Most of the derision Palin received was from the MSM and the pundits for same. I would not count anyone out.


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