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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frisch/Pelline Cloned?

When I desire a good laugh I journey over to the Pelline blog to see what the natives from the left have to say.  They are simply priceless!

If whining was a paid for emotion, these leftwingers would be rich.  If they aren't complaining about some blog rules, they are busy attacking the conservatives and their messages.  Regarding Pelline, it is hard for me to believe this guy was ever an employee of a newspaper.  Frisch, a non-profit manager, campaigned relentlessly for a NO on 23 and in my view stretched credibility of a rent seeking organization.  Then these two banter back and forth about the evil Rebane/Steele/Pruett/Juvinall blogs. 

For some reason these two liberals try to put the proverbial lipstick on a liberal pig regarding the election. Conservatives won most every Proposition and elective office and somehow they try and turn those facts into a conservative loss.  Even the CABPRO and NCDCC endorsement of Dai Meagher is spun by these two.  The winner, Vernon is a republican, McClintock won big, every state wide office except one was won handily by republicans here in Nevada County, yet they are in denial. These liberals are simply unyielding partisans with phony outage.  Good theater.


  1. To quote the song "All Star," you have the shape of an "L" on your forehead.

  2. As Michael Jackson would say.....

    The "L" is for Lover, not Loser!

    Better go get your glove Todd!

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