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Thursday, October 21, 2010

PEW Research Polling Has Republicans Up Big in Early Voting and Enthusiam So Far

I consider the Pew a liberal polling institution so I guess if they can't find a silver lining for their democrat pals, then maybe we are going to have a huge victory. Go here for the poll and analysis.

Then of course this could all be a ruse by the left and their compliant lamestream media to try and give republicans and indie voters a false sense of security which could depress the turnout.  If I were into conspiracies that would make sense but I think not.  Everyday I watch and read polls from all over the country and my view is there is a conservative swing of the pendulum coming on November 2.  When one reads stories about government waste, read here, one can see why there is so much outrage. I like RCP for a compilation on polls and they have a lot of political stories from across the nation as well.  VOTE!

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