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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Senator John Kerry, How Could You?

Well the haughty John Kerry has given us all another reason to be thankful that GWB whipped him in 2004.  He thinks the voters are stupid and he had the temerity to state it on the record.  You can read the story here.

Liberals have this affliction and I have listened to their arrogance for many years.  People, especially the middle of the roaders in America, do not like to be called stupid.  Kerry has hopefully sent another slew of independent voters our way on the right.


  1. I do believe Kerry's comments are typical of many liberals. His attitude, and others of like mind, are actually helping push the independents towards voting conservative this year.

  2. It is the Ruling Class vs the County Class. The ruling class always assumes the County Class voters to stupid to recognize their brilliant leadership. They are way too full of themselves to recognize the truth.

  3. Hey did John Kerry demean himself by having the smelly old middle class boat workers make his yacht?


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