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Monday, September 27, 2010

Texas and Florida Big Winners

Preliminary census data shows a gain of two seats in the HOR for Texas and Florida.  These gains will be at the expense of New York and Ohio.  There are going to be more surprises as the data is released.  Check out the article here.

I am curious how the Census will determine who and how many illegal aliens are in the country.  And if the democrat attempts to count them for the purpose of apportionment is handled.  I don't put anything past the Obama Administration since they mover the Census Bureau into the White House so Rahm coud manipulate it.

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  1. Funny...people are migrating out of states with high income taxes to states with no income taxes. I wonder why that is? Look at LeBron James...took less money from Miami than he could have gotten from NY, but actually is netting more now do to no state income tax in saved $25 million by going to FL.


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