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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Media and status quo hard to overcome

America sent a businessman and his help to Washington DC to make some changes.  You would think he is the "devil" incarnate when you listen to them.  The media and the status quo people, both parties and the bureaucracy have become unhinged.  The attacks on Trump and his people are nasty and mean.  And the constant barrage of media accusations needs to be countered.

I watched the Spicer presser yesterday in the White House.  Of course, all the media questions were about General Flynn's resignation.  Even though it was explained by Spicer many times over, the press did not seem to "get it".  I did.  There was no "breaking" of the law in Flynn talking to counterparts as the incoming NSA leader.  It was his mistake to "lie" about it to VP Pence,  Thereby breaking trust.  He had to go.  But when the press thinks they have something to do with this kind of thing they grab and hold like a "barnyard" dog and continue.

I read a New York Times article yesterday about all this and as usual all the accusers were "anonymous" and asked to be unnamed.  So these papers use unnamed sources to make the most serious accusations and we readers are supposed to believe them?  Nope.  I see "anonymous" and I stop reading and toss the article.  Whether it is a newspaper or TV or radio.  They destroy good people with anonymous accusations.  If the "news" sources can't name people then it is not true in my view.  And the people making the claims are no better than a third grade little girl tattling on her classmates.  Besides our Constitution says we have the right to confront our accusers. 

Trump  has a few other problems.  He has to clean out the Obama people and those that are not loyal to him.  They are leaking all kinds of things, even private phone calls.  These leaks are hurting America.  People need to be certain their private musing stay private.  I hope he cleans these traitors to his agenda out of the place.  Maybe a few need some jail time too.  Even some Republicans are on the Never Trump Train and are hurting the country under the guise of getting the "truth" about Russia and Trump.

Now we are not at war with Russia are we?  Nope.  And they have enough nuclear warheads to destroy the planet.  It seems to me that Flynn was doing the necessary things to stay in the loop as Trump's team was transitioning into power.  The left was touting the "Logan Act" which says a citizen cannot talk about things with foreign governments if there are issues or some other thing.  This was never used for Obama people when they did the same thing.  So Flynn was doing his job as far as I am concerned.  And all legal as the White HouseCounsel advised.  His problem was lying to Pence.

The Status Quo is really strong as we see the jaws of it clamping down on change.  Trillions of dollars are at risk.  Where that money goes and to whom is at stake.  POWER IS NOT RELINQUISHED EASILY AND THE DC FEDERAL SYSTEM IS SCREAMING AND CLAWING.  tRUMP NEEDS TO STAY THE COURSE.

I learned many years ago the hard way about a very important thing.  You must get out in front of the media and your critics about identifying yourself to the public.  DEFINE YOURSELF!  If you let the media do it you get what we are seeing today.  Trump needs to take back the initiative of his agenda and let the press stew in their own juices.  Don't get trapped by the press take them on and move on.  Spicer should simply give a one word answer and move on to the Trump agenda. 

The American press is no better than TMZ and they love the drama and turmoil.  So don't let them highjack the message.  And to you "estabklishment" Republicans.  SHUT UP!  It has been three weeks and you all just can't keep your mouths from flapping.  We who voted and campaigned for Trump and his agenda want you to get on board and try to fix trhe place.  But you children can't help yourselves.  Trump is tough but he needs to stay focused and disregard all the yapping class and proceed.  All these attempts to undermine him are falling on deaf ears of those that support him. 

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  1. Pelline is spreading fake news from the Wall Street Journal today. What a hoot. The idiot fell for it and now we see why he was booted from our paper. Lying sack.


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