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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alicia Machado, Hugo Chavez would be proud. OMG! Scum!

The latest Hillary smear has backfired on her.  She used this woman as a verbal prop attack against Trump in the debate.  And it turns out the woman is a porn star and a accused get-away-driver in a murder case.  And she threatened a Judge with death in Venezuela as the Judge was prosecuting her boyfriend!  Now of course, we let her into America and naturalized as a citizen.  Isn't that just great.  She blames Trump for her bulimia and weight issues but in this video Megan Kelly presents a Washington Post story on Machado where she talks about the issue of weight ONE YEAR before she met Trump.  The woman is a liar, and hopefully she will simply go away back into her cave where she belongs.

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