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Monday, September 19, 2016

Muslims, Hmmm, how do we deal with this?

Murder and mayhem.  Where have we seen this before?  Oh, in almost all Muslim countries and now in ours.  How should we deal with this?  Should we allow more of them into America?  I mean, gosh, this is our house and don't we have the right to say who gets in?  Just like our own personal homes?  I understand that there on average are not that many killers from the Muslim faith, but it takes only a few to spoil the whole barrel.  And their house of worship seems to be their place of learning for this.  Can you imagine a Methodist Church being the hotbed of violent planning?

So we have a bloke stabbing people in Minnesota at the Great America Mall.  He asked people if they are Muslim and if not they get the steel.  After nine victims he was shot and killed and now he is on his way to the 72 raisins. Then we have the nut walking down the street in Linden, New Jersey carrying a gun.  As the cops pulled over to talk he opened fire.  A shootout followed, he was wounded.  Those terrible infidels put him on a gurney and took him to the hospital.  He is being cared for by the "non-burka" wearing nurse.  He must be so pissed.  Then the authorities found the bombs on the running course to honor the Marines.  And of course a bomb goes off in a Dumpster in New York City and wounds 29 Americans. 

What to do?  Of course the news folks are all aflutter wondering the affiliation of these goons. Must be ISIL or Al Queda?  Well, maybe not.  Maybe this is built in to their religion.  Maybe we should be more concerned these killers are not affiliated.  What if every single young Mohamed reads his holy book and says to himself, "kill the infidels"!  That is the problem I see here.  This Muslim religion and its adherents are built for this mayhem.  Their culture is not compatible with the west.  All those rapes in Germany and Sweden because the women were asking for it they say.  And you cannot print a picture of Mohamed!  What the hell is that?

So lets try something different.  Perhaps we should relocate these Muslim men to the inner city of Chicago.  You can wall it off and see what happens.  Since Obama could care less that hundreds of young black men are murdered there every year, perhaps these Muslim boys could calm it down.  Sort of a "face-off" strategy.  Of course all the good people in those areas would be allowed to leave and therefore stay out of the gunfire.  But there it is.  Black gangbangers who kill little kids in their driveby's versus the Muslims who want to chop off the heads of the infidels.  Pay per view!

Of course I am not serious but it appears to me there is no attempt to curtail either scenario.  Our government officials must want those young black men to murder each other.  Afterall, that saves the prison space and the Court costs.  Why would they allow this to continue?  Why not flood the inner cities with the police for a few months?  Dry up the drugs and save the lives of the innocents.  But they don't.  We know when it was tried ion New York City by Rudy Guliani that it worked.  But like most democrat run cities since then, the "rights" of the criminal are more important than the civilians. 

Now we will see a Muslim Lives Matter movement for these head choppers just like we have seen with the supporters of the thugs "sanctified" in Black Lives Matter.  Expect marches all over the country for the thugs.  We have seen it here in Nevada County where the white liberals are so guilt ridden they place supportive banners for the BLM.  But those white liberals moved to the "whitest" county in California.  Explain that!   So rather than these liberals moving to the inner cities to help the minority downtrodden folks, they move here.  From the sanctity of the three bedroom two bath home in the forest, these lovelies complain about racism.  You just cannot make this stuff up.

America has the right to allow who they want inside our borders.  We are so popular as a destination that 20 million people are here illegally.  Yet the liberals say we are so atrocious at race relations and the treatment of minorities.  Appears to me the minorities are not so convinced as to the treatment they will receive from all us "yokels".  Why move here if we are so crummy?  Because no matter how much the "white" liberal says America is crummy, only they believe it.

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