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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Republicans are the light while the democrats are the darkness

Last night's election results pushed Donald Trump to the front of the bus and makes him the apparent nominee for the Republican party in this years Presidential race.  It seems obvious to me the man, a successful businessman and well known character would be a natural fit for the race as a Republican.  The left is on a warpath against business and profit so who better than a businessman to set the place straight?  He has generated a lot of angst within his own party as the "old guard" politicians wanted someone else.  But as we have seen over the last two Presidential elections, a sitting Senator and a retired Governor could not defeat Obama so their judgement is in question.

Why should the country be afraid of Trump?  Because his filters are not as tight as a run of the mill politician I guess.  Look how carefully politicians talk and use words as they are consumed by PC, political correctness.  I did not toss my support into this race begun by 17 candidates after my choice, Scott Walker, bowed out.  Now the inevitability of Trump as the nominee has made the choice for me.  I would not waste my vote on a third party as I want the Republicans to win.  Trump will have five million employees if he wins.  He will be in charge of all the people running all the alphabet agencies.   My guess is he will pick the best and the brightest people to run the country, just as he has with his business.  Time to have someone running the place who has signed the front of a check instead of the back.

The democrats on the other hand are headed into a place America has never been.  Socialism.  The two people vying for the nomination are scary as hell to the freedoms we have achieved over the life of America.  They are a retro fit for America.  Both Clinton (third Obama term?) and Sanders (never had a real job) are all about "free" stuff.  Isn't your money your "property"?  You get up and go to work, pay your taxes and are a good citizen.  But that is not enough for the democrats.  They want you to turn over the rest of your money and also feel guilty about your success!  The country has overwhelmed business with millions of laws and rules.  If you step outside their regulatory reservation, they will come toss you into court, take your money through fines and if they decide you are not PC, they will force you to make a cake against religious values.  That is how ridiculous things have become.

The democrat candidates think the monetary pie is a fixed size and somehow not fair to those who make less than others.  Rather than making choices increasing the size of the pie and bringing more people into the work system, these "free stuff" democrats will take your stuff and give it to the slackers.  Of course the slacker get the same vote as the business owner but the left has enabled a lot more of the slackers.  They organize them with promises of more "free stuff" as long as they vote for the democrats.  America used to be a place where you succeed if you work hard and play by the rules.  Now people on the left think their slackers should simply vote and receive those "bon-bons" on their couch.

What is fascinating to me is the voracious appetite of democrats for other people stuff including money and property.  They are never satisfied.  They are the party of division.  Pitting one group against the other.  One race against the rest.  Constantly beating the drum of some ill they contrive.  The right says hey!  Work hard and rewards will come from your efforts.  But the left wants equal results whereas the right wants equal opportunity.  They are never going to meet in the middle.  America is the most generous country ever contrived on planet earth.  Its citizens take care of the less well off .  America has hundreds of agencies to help people who are in need.  Along with that we as a country help other countries.  We have spent hundreds of billions of taxpayers money to fight diseases and hunger in other countries.  Our people just one generation ago sacrificed hundreds of thousands of American lives fighting fascism and communism and saving the worlds people from both.  Now all that sacrifice is being squandered by government mandates and overreach into our personal lives and our businesses.  Capitalism has been the elixir for injustice.

Yes, in my view Donald Trump is not the best "politician" in regards to smoothness of speech and his bias against PC.  He is way better for the country.   It has been said to be the country where "the business of America is business">  The country the democrats have been trying to enslave for most of my lifetime.  Enslaving people to be dependent on them.  Well, if you all want to fend off the darkness of the democrat you will deny them the brass ring.  Keep freedom from being extinguished by the "darkness" of the democrats.

Go Trump!


  1. Thanks Tood...very true. BMW

  2. And of course, Calvin Coolidge never said, "the business of America is business."

    What he said was, "“After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world. I am strongly of the opinion that the great majority of people will always find these the moving impulses of our life.”

    He made that statement in a speech where he was talking about the role of a free press and the fear that business would influence editorial policy. His point was that newspapers were a business and that they would act as the people, their customers, directed them.

    He followed that statement with this, "“Of course, the accumulation of wealth cannot be justified as the chief end of existence,” he said. “But we are compelled to recognize it as a means to well-nigh every desirable achievement. So long as wealth is made the means and not the end, we need not greatly fear it...But it calls for additional effort to avoid even the appearance of the evil of selfishness. In every worthy profession, of course, there will always be a minority who will appeal to the baser instinct. There always have been, probably always will be, some who will feel that their own temporary interest may be furthered by betraying the interest of others.”

    Get it--there was in Coolidge's mind a higher moral purpose to business and profit alone was not the goal.

    So naturally, just like just about every other piece of folksy history you share, you got it wrong.



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