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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Obama to travel to Oregon to spread "disarmement of the good people"?

Killer: Christopher Harper-Mercer, 26, executed nine people inside a classroom last Thursday and wounded nine others. He killed himself after a shootout with police
The killer, Momma's boy
Obama is headed to Oregon on Friday to politicize his anti-gun agenda.  This from a man that just killed 19 people using the military to bomb a hospital in Afghanistan.  Is it any wonder the world's leaders shake their heads at the total hypocrisy of our President?  It is almost as if he is on some hallucinogenic drug!  Was prozac available in his youth?  Marijuana?  LSD?  You cannot be rational if you are killing innocents elsewhere and then outraged domestically.

HERE  and HERE are a couple of local Roseburg response to Obama coming there.

The Second Amendment is always under attack.  The liberals would rather be governed by a dictator than by a free system such as we have.  I say that because if the left is successful in their gun confiscation, only the government will have them.  What do you think will happen then?  My guess though is this; any attempts to confiscate will be met with what Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration if Independence.  That is, the people have the right to change the government.

In Oregon we were all bombarded by the press spewing half ass facts.  As the days have gone by we are finally getting the correct information.  Mostly of the killer.  He is a half black, half white 26 year old man.  His momma is black and his English dada is white.  He lived at home and cried he did not have a girlfriend.  Amazingly the media called him a "white supremacist"!  So what does that make Obama?  Same kind of parentage.  It is sooo confusing.

The whole incident could have been stopped if there had been a good man with a gun at the school.  That is how you stop these killers.  But as usual, this killer knew there would be no one there with a gun.  He knew the sheep were ready for slaughter.  We need to overhaul the mental health issues.  The country needs to reinvent the housing and care of mentally ill people.  Cull the violent ones and lock them up.  Why do we want them wandering the streets killing the innocents?

Charles Bronson R.I.P
More gun laws are simply a "feel good" for the left.  The 20,000 or so gun laws on the books have not kept these killers out.  More laws will not either.   The left wants to disarm all of you and leave you with a national "gun free" zone.  We see how that works at the local level.  My guess is if they somehow defeat the Second Amendment (not likely) all of you law abiding citizens will be subject to what the residents did in the "Death Wish" movies of hares Bronson.  The crooks were terrorizing the good people who had no guns to defend themselves.  Until of course the "good guy" arrived.

I heard a interview with the sperm donor of the killer.  He is an Englishman and he was in England.  He railed against the Second Amendment and guns in general in America.  This Brit chastised our country.  After he finished wiping the spittle from his face, I though to myself.  Hey Brit, why did you not stay around to raise your boy?  Isn't this really all about you dropping off some sperm and taking off?  I hold you personally responsible for your lack of raising your offspring and giving him a respect fr others.  So, perhaps you should be arrested and deported to America to stand trial for parental abandonment and neglect.  You chump!


  1. I suspect the Fue is somehow responsible for this. The general decline of society, and all of the bad things that come with it, are somehow related to his existence, and his continued spewing of hate and intolerance in Nevada County.

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