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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Debates tonight? Well, a modified press conference at best

I love debates.  I think they are the most basic form of democracy.  Line those wannabees up and have at it.  War without bloodshed.  We all get to listen, watch body language and wait for the inevitable gaffes.  All while sitting in out Lazy-Boys munching on chips.  What could be better?

Tonight in prime time we will see the "top ten" in mixed polls debate on FOX.  I know, this is way early since the real polls are in November 2016.  But I was taught the first one there is in a power position so these folks are going to be jousting for Numero Uno!  Earlier in the day the "bottom "seven" will debate and of those I like Carli Fiorina.  She is from the business world and is very intelligent and well spoken.  She is also not afraid to discuss conservative issues especially women's issues.  She is in a unique position to take on the bloviator Hillary Clinton.

So far I am a Scott Walker supporter.  I liked that he stood up to the public sector unions three times in Wisconsin elections.  I think unless we toss out those unions and overhaul civil service, our country will fail and fail sooner than later.  Walker saw that his state was failing and he had the courage to say so and do something about it.  But there are 17 men and women running so far on the Republican side.  Of course there could be more so that could make it even more interesting.

This gathering of people looking to get the top spot in American governance is exciting to me.  Watching the interaction of minds and words.  All trying to convince people they are the "one".   The leftwing media and even some rightside media were making fun of the race, even calling it a clown car scenario.  I thought to myself, how shallow these media types are.  No wonder no one reads their crap anymore.  Putting yourself out there in all your glory for these media types to "potshot" every aspect of your life is a tough decision.  I would love to see the "media" types go through that anal exam just to see how they like it.  Maybe then they would be more forgiving.

I would like to see the media explore the democrats like they explore Republicans.  But look at their dereliction over the whole course of the Obama candidacies and Presidential runs.  Bernard Goldberg's book on the slobbering media is right on the money.  No gaffe by Obama (and most all democrats) get the same scrutiny and derision as Republicans get.  If a democrat does a gaffe, the media may report it once.  If a Republican makes the same gaffe it will be reported for months.  But the delusional media will still claim they are unbiased and "fair".

Today we will see some gaffes of that I am sure.  No matter that  the candidates will be talking about serious issues, if one or more say anything goofy, that will be the "lead" in all the media.  The media want a food fight.  They could care less if Iran gets a nuke.  Their guy Barack says it is a good deal so nothing to see there.  Move along.

I hope all 17 candidates take the battle to the democrats and leave each other alone.  Don't give the media the red meat they want.  Discuss the important issues and give us some goals and maybe even some solutions.  There will be more debates and a  lot more press coverage.  But we all know the media loves the democrats and will do all they can to prop them up.  Even if Hillary Clinton gets indicted for having a personal server and corresponded classified material on her private email, the press will protect her. 

So watch and listen to this first gathering of those that want to govern you.  Don't listen to the talking heads telling you what you just heard was not really what you just heard.  Use your own noggin.  The rest of the country that doesn't listen or get involved with electing those that would govern them are missing out.  Don't you miss out.

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